Welcome To My Blog: Pot Of Gold

Oh no, not another blog!

No, really, create a blog? What was I thinking? Here’s an interesting statistic, to iterate that I probably wasn’t: “Internet Statistics 2016… 2.7 million blog posts are published every day.” – John Stevens for hostingfacts.com

But what are stats and odds if they aren’t rebelled against?


I’m Sheena D also known as Sheena Deepnarain (for those who can pronounce my surname), a South African-born actress, producer, presenter and now blogger; based in Johannesburg, South Africa and Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Hopeless at multi-tasking – here I find myself trying to live between two cities; it’s crazy fun though.
Anyway, back to why I began this blog (I go on a tangent often).
As a creative, I need many outlets for all the extensive creative energy I have, so starting a lifestyle blog deemed a viable idea to expend that energy.

In this lifetime alone, I most likely will do every single creative activity that can possibly be done, at least once – but there’s probably a statistic that goes against this. No, seriously, let’s embark through a bit of a list of what I’ve creatively sort of done:

  • I’ve bought every single baking tool that there is to buy (I’ve yet to attempt baking though);
  • I’ve knitted a jersey for my Dachshund and half knitted another;
  • I’ve collected all sorts of blue willow china, which I do intend to display, when I’m no longer city hopping;
  • I’ve learned how to sew;

Heck, I’ve even learned how to write and master computer code!

Duke, my Dachshund happy to wear my ugly knitted jersey

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So yes, I have an immense amount of this creative energy and hence the birth of Pot of Gold – a lifestyle blog.

Why Pot of Gold, I hear you ask. (Okay, I know you aren’t actually asking these questions, but I like to think that you are, so let’s play-pretend for the duration of this blog, shall we?)

Who knows where creativeness comes from? It just happens and one day there it is: your Oprah Winfrey light bulb moment.

For some reason I remembered this beautiful image that caught my attention of an Indian lady with a pot on her head; somewhere in rural India and I decided to fashion my own version of the image. The timing was perfect, and there happened to be a connection to the pot, once the name of my blog occurred to me: Pot of Gold. Voilà! Just like that, my Aha moment decided to surface.

South African Lifestyle Blogger Sheena Deepnarain
South African Lifestyle Blogger Sheena Deepnarain

I intend Pot Of Gold to be a blog rich with valuable and informative lifestyle content and the term “Pot Of Gold” serves as a metaphor for this intention.

Ah, another question I can feel creeping up, why lifestyle?
Quite simple. With another reference to Oprah Winfrey, who is quoted to say “live your best life” – my lifestyle blog is aimed to collaborate with the best lifestyle brands that I can inform you about, to help compliment your best life.

Through my Pot of Gold blog, I will take you on my life’s journeys, imagination, let you in on the latest statistics and who knows what else?

You can expect babble, entertainment and humor (if you find me humorous that is) but my mission is that from the 3.26 billion Internet users out there; one would have had a smile on their face from reading my shenanigans.

I have collaborated with fantastic brands and professionals in their fields to bring you exquisite content related to: health, beauty, makeup, fitness, entertainment, food, décor, travel, fashion and pet care.
With all of these elements, I hope not to be an echo – chamber, but every now and then I probably will be, so bear with me, but do follow me on this journey as I search for the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

You can access my blog site here: https://sheenad.com/category/pot-of-gold/


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Pot Of Gold Blog By Sheena Deepnarain

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