I Choked On My Spring Cleaning!

Ah, Spring Day!

A fresh start, a time to clean out the cobwebs, chuck out the old and get organized.
Every year like a rendezvous, there it is in glossy magazines and trending on Pinterest; urging you to get off that couch, dust off the winter slouch and begin the project of spring cleaning.
The idea of a new refreshed you and accompanying surroundings sounds so charming.
Or is it?thinking

I’m all for the spring-cleaning movement.


However I have learnt from my past mistakes, and I therefore tread this ground of Spring-cleaning with great caution.
We all learn from our mistakes and I’m here to tell you all about mine, so you don’t run into the same wall as I did.

Sheena Deepnarain
Sheena D pictured above wearing a glitter choker from Jo Borkett

A full Saturday was dedicated to cleaning out my wardrobe.
I made various piles of “let friends go through before throwing out”, “charity pile” and “dirt pile.”
After hours of sorting through my piles of shopaholic purchases; it was past midnight, yes this is how I chose to spend my Saturday night – splendid isn’t it?
In my defense (of being called a granny) I did have Beyoncé playing in the background while I enacted some of her dance moves and felt like stupid for doing so, especially when my dogs gave me this face…

Dior and Duke
Duke and Dior with their “what is mummy doing now” expression

Anyway it was time for a hot shower and bed.

Early on Sunday morning (okay, it was midday) the sun was out and it was time to start the day of a typical lazy lounging Sunday afternoon.

As I put on my television, there I stood, mouth agape while Fashion TV was on; as I saw skinny, beautiful, gorgeous model after skinny, beautiful, gorgeous model modeling the latest trends – those latest trends happened to be a fashion repeat of the 90’s – the very items I had in my wardrobe, now thrown out.

And before I knew it, I had already begun the three stages of grieving, the first being disbelief of course.

I cursed those Spring-cleaning blogs I read that gave me this bright idea in the first place.
Everything I was afraid of (regarding Spring-cleaning) was happening to me!
You know, that voice that says don’t throw it away, and you haven’t worn it for a year but who says you wont wear it next year?
But you throw it away anyway because somewhere you read and believed the print of a blog that said you’ll feel so good letting go of these items, materialistic things, so on and so forth.
Well, let me tell you, listen to those voices!

A cacophony of voices echoed in my head: is it too late? Did the rubbish get taken out? Could I kindly ask my friend to give it back?
Oh the pain, the agony!

I needed some comfort food.
What popped into my mind first was some (a whole dozen) of Krispy Krèmes.
Voices: Why was I watching Fashion TV anyway? These girls are so skinny and so absolutely gorgeous and here I am eating Krispy Krèmes with all my curvaceousness.

Krispy Kremes how can you resist!

I switched to E! Entertainment and there starring me in the eye is Kylie Jenner also rocking the revamped 90’s trend, that is the choker, all of which I threw away. The first stage of my three stages of grieving got revisited!
This was proving to be a very pathetic Sunday.

Kylie Jenner looking beautiful in this trendy white choker

I took in the comfort of the custard filled Krispy Krème as I mentally made a note that after the “couch indulgence”, as I call it, and a cup of tea with full cream milk, I will wash up, put my full face on (contouring included) wear my trendiest clothes with regrettably no choker set and go on my days mission: To find the perfect choker.

I will make up for my misdemeanor by shopping for a whole day to not only put back in my wardrobe what I threw out, but for good measure – lunch on a gluten free salad and my next cup of tea will be with fat free milk!
Yes, that’s how you make your comeback!

And so I did, shop for the whole day that is (as for the gluten free salad, well what was I supposed to do with a full dozen of Krispy Krèmes?).

The full day of shopping was worth – it, I managed to find the latest trends of all sorts of chokers and here’s a benevolent list of my favorites.
I hope you can enjoy shopping for these, just as I did, with as many Krispy Krèmes and full cream milk a girl can have:

Layers & levels:

Sheena D seen above wearing a velvet choker from Factorie and a layered diamanté choker from Forever New

Mix the classic velvet choker with a fancier layered diamanté choker to add some glam.
The velvet choker also dresses up the basic t-shirt and jeans look.

Day to night:

Sheena Deepnarain
Sheena D seen above wearing a glitter choker from Jo Borkett

Spice up any day outfit into a trendy night look by just adding a fancy bling choker.

Suede Tie – up choker

Sheena D seen above wearing a suede tie up choker which can be worn in various ways

The absolute must have suede self-tie-up choker can be worn as a fashionable bow tie or a layered neckpiece.

Fake it

Sheena D seen above wearing a white stretch tattoo choker from a cute little store find called Purple Fantasy in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban, South Africa.

Fake it with the tattoo stretch choker in various colours.


Pot Of Gold Blog By Sheena Deepnarain




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