Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

No, seriously, have I?

If I haven’t, let me allow myself to express my love for you, since it is the month of love and I do seriously love all my readers.So as a token of my appreciation, for all those who have not given up on their resolutions on health and fitness, (or maybe you have, don’t stress, love doesn’t judge), on Valentines Day, this is my gift from me to you.

Before I reveal the gift, let’s get to the why (well besides the I love you part).


Almost always, after the indulgent holiday season, I am able to get back into a good health and fitness routine and see the results, I’m usually happy with, all in record time.

However this lovely 2017, it has not been that easy and until I found this solution to kick the bad habits away, I was not winning.

Everyone’s reasons are different.
Maybe it’s the first time that you are trying to get in shape (hardly) or maybe it’s the umpteenth time (frantically, yes) and you haven’t yet found success.

For me personally, being in a foreign country comes with its challenges concerning health and fitness.
The gluten free trend (which is the diet I follow), has not seemed to catch on in Russia as much as it has in South Africa. In some restaurants every option has processed carbohydrates.
And it’s less motivating to go to gym because of the cold. Trust me, no country can do winter like Russia can.

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Sometimes the whole process of dieting and working out gets mundane.
Whatever the reasons may be, being fit and healthy is a necessity, not just for aesthetic purposes, but also for health reasons.

Oh but the road can be dark and lonely, and your goal to that perfect body seems so far away and rather far fetched. But anything is possible right? Right?

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset
Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

As you begin to question yourself, then doubt yourself, then reach for that donut and turn a non cheat day into a cheat week and so on and so forth.
Aka plummet into reasoning with yourself and then convincing yourself that you will start again tomorrow.

The bottom line is you need more motivation.
Much more than having a really good playlist to get you working out to.
Much more than having a picture of the perfect body you are aiming for up on your wall.
Much more than all those Instagram profiles you follow for inspiration.

And the solution is…
Simple, turn cupids arrow around and show yourself some love and gratitude.

Reward yourself everytime you make a positive decision related to your health and fitness plan.


It’s a simple payoff that aids our motivation.


Things you will need:
A glass jar
Writing material

Some preplanning:

Make notes of what you need to do in order to get to your ultimate body goal and add a money value to it, for example:


Personalize the table to suit your personal goals and your budget.

At the end of everyday pay yourself for what you have accomplished.
Sometimes having cash on hand everyday is a problem, however another idea is to tally up the amount at the end of each week and physically go to an ATM to withdraw the cash that you worked so hard for and put it into your jar. Once you commit to putting the money in your jar, you will have an urge of motivation, so make it visible. Effort engenders motivation.

By making your jar visible you will be reminded about your goal everyday, so you don’t loose sight of it.

Once you have conquered your ultimate body goal, use the money to further encourage your health and fitness lifestyle.


For example, indulge in some designer fitness gear to suit your new bod, or get some fancy gadgets like a Fitbit, or an even better idea is to book yourself a professional fitness photoshoot and show off some of your best angles on Instagram, not only to bloat but also to have pictures of yourself that you can be proud of.

The Pros of the Fitness Goal Plan are bountiful:

– Plan a more targeted fitness regimen
– You will be motivated to do more physical activities
– It eliminates the boredom of working out, by trying new activities
– Your knowledge on health and fitness will surge
– Keep track of what is working and not working for you
– Review and edit your fitness routine
– Building and sticking to healthy habits
– Being fit and healthy will eventually become a lifestyle
– There’s always something to look forward to

So here’s to victory on the road to a healthy lifestyle.
Be sure to tweet me @MsSheenaD, and let me know when you have reached your ultimate goal.

For my newsletter subscribers, look forward to my monthly newsletter, on the last day of every month, where I will be sharing extra fitness tips to make the road to being fit and healthy easier and delightful, along with other fun offers and savings to help you further.

Have a Happy Valentines Day.



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