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Don’t love your hair and thought is was at a point of no return from all the damage and mistreatment?
I have the solution for you to fall in love with it all over again.reddancinggirl

No matter what type of hair you have, you will be delighted that you read this blog post.
It applies to all hair types.

Being in the entertainment industry, I found my hair was in constant crisis; from all the overheated styling, constant washing, sometimes twice a day depending on the number of sets you are on or events you attend.
Split ends, dry tips, oily roots and breaking hair was something I had to tackle everyday.
This was urge enough for me to seek help in the form of Google and glossy magazines.
I found Glamour Hair magazine very resourceful for my much needed hair rehab and hairstyle inspiration.


I tried and tested many products and tools of the trade, so you don’t have to and found the solutions to rescue what’s left of your hair, amp your hair growth and maintain healthy looking tresses.
I don’t have oily roots and dry tips any longer – I wash my hair once a week and it looks healthy all week long. It also does not feel dirty and grimy.
In the rare event of finding a split end I snip it off immediately, previously I had tons and only a cut at a salon could save me.
Consequently, my hair is much thicker and stronger and does not break as easily.

My friends envied my long locks and marveled at how quickly and healthy it grew. It was even surprising to me, because it didn’t take much effort.

Rescue me:

Don’t be a victim of relaxing your hair. This is an outdated straightening system, which results in a catastrophe of damaged hair. Consider a Brazilian blow wave instead.
It brings our the best in your locks, targeted at getting rid of frizz and re-building and strengthening damaged hair strands from root to tip.

1) Clarify your hair using a clarifying shampoo followed by a conditioning masque the day before your Brazilian blow wave.
2) Book yourself a Brazilian blow wave treatment also known as a keratin treatment at a reputable salon with a trim or cut (if you have split ends from here to Mexico). Trust me cutting your hair is the first step to growing your hair. There’s no point in growing unhealthy, thinning and splitting hair.

3) Ensure that you get a shampoo and conditioner with the ingredient keratin for use at home.

* Have a Brazilian blow out treatment every 3 – 6 months.
Every 3 months for very frizzy hair.

I wish I was a little bit longer:

4) Apply minoxidil 2% (60ml) everyday twice a day – a solution you can purchase at your local pharmacy. This will help your hair growth tremendously.
Don’t spray too much of the solution, a small amount will do. Massage the solution throughout your scalp only, not on the full length of your hair.
A 60ml bottle should last you up to 6 weeks.


An alternative to minoxidil is horse conditioner (not shampoo).
Horse shampoo dries out your hair causing dandruff and dry hair prone to split ends. The shampoo will also strip hair of salon treatments like Olaplex, Keratin and others.
If horse shampoo is the only remedy you can find, lather your hair in coconut oil before applying the shampoo to dry hair and leave it on overnight. Wash it off in the morning as you normally would. Use the horse conditioner with or without the coconut oil in the same way.


5) Take a biotin hair supplement everyday, also available at your pharmacy.

Use the minoxidil (or horse conditioner) with supplements for six weeks, whilst taking care of your hair (link) and you will see the improvement in the condition of your hair: thicker, fuller and longer.
Ah Bliss!

My Experiment:

I tried the minoxidil solution over four weeks.
On average, your hair can grow a quarter of an inch per month.
Whilst using minoxidil, my hair grew a whooping one and a half inches in a month!

I suggested horse conditioner as an alternative; I have used this before and have also seen fantastic results in my hair growth.

In fact the horse shampoo worked so well for me, I used it on my Dachshund – Duke who had anxiety and would scratch himself excessively resulting in patches of fur missing which was taking forever to grow back.
I used horse shampoo and his fur grew back in record time.


Minoxidil should not be used continuously, use it for 4 to 6 weeks to help accelerate growth. Minoxidil is a strong solution and can cause migraines and long-term use can result in excessively dry hair as well as other side effects that your local pharmacist will explain to you before your purchase.
Switch to horse conditioner after the use of minoxidil, as a long-term hair growth treatment.

Hair Reset EBook:

There are a few things you can do now to improve the condition and look of your hair.
You probably do most of them, it’s just about making sure you are doing it correctly and using the right tools rather than harmful tools and products, to create your healthy frock.

Hair Reset is an EBook I complied, which you can download on 1 May 2017.
It includes fifteen tips, recommended products and tools.
Your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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