10 Fashion Forward Steals From Rihanna

Barbadian songstress, Rihanna is the current and ultimate fashion icon.

Honored with the 2014 Fashion Icon award at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Awards, Rihanna has since collaborated with the likes of Armani, River Island, Stance, Manolo Blahnik, she was also the first black woman to be the Face of Dior.

Add to this the birthing of Fenty X Puma as creative director and her own television show – Styled To Rock; all of which reinstates her iconic status in the fashion world.But just how does Rihanna optimize all her fashion elements and slay every single time on the red carpet or on just a regular day?
A dash of true self and a sprinkle of sheer rawness together with her street style apparel, that’s how.
Without doubt, Rihanna has an eye and taste for fashion we don’t often encounter nonetheless, it works.
Simply put, whatever she puts on, she recreates.

Here are ten steals from Rihannas looks you can add to your wardrobe to upgrade your outfit of the day:

  1. Not Your Basic Jacket

Rihanna style takes basics and turns it to high fashion looks for example, instead of a basic black jacket, over-sized coats and jackets heightens her look.
Invest in a high-end piece, with a bit of flair.

Rihanna Fashion
Pascal Le Segretian / Getty Images – Rihanna Black Jacket
  1. Accessorize

Claire’s is one of Rihannas favourite places to shop her accessory interest.

Rihanna Fashion
Marc Piasecki / Getty Images – Rihanna Accessories
  1. Drastic Hairstyle Change

Chop it off, color it silly; there’s something empowering about a drastic hairstyle change, not just for break-up makeovers.

Rihanna Fashion
JB Lacroix / Getty Images – Rihanna Hairstyle
  1. Sweats In Heels

Determine your own rules – Rihanna outfits don’t dictate ordinary.

Rihanna Fashion
LAXPICS/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images – Rihanna Sweats And Heels
  1. Belt It Up

Whilst everyone opts for the typical Gucci belt, Rihanna rocks Versace.

Rihanna Fashion
Jerrit Clark / Getty Images – Rihanna Belt
  1. Tailored Pants

Well-stitched, high-end pants adds class to any outfit, you will find that Rihanna clothes herself in well – detailed pieces.

Rihanna Fashion
Raymond Hall / Getty Images – Rihanna Tailored Suit
  1. Sweeten The Kitty:

Embrace pink and girly frills, even if your persona is kick ass.

Rihanna Fashion
Anadolu Agency / Getty Images – Rihanna Pink Frill Dress
  1. Print

The print masters – Dolce and Gabbana are winners when it comes to this look.

Rihanna Fashion
Josian Kamau / Getty Images – Rihanna Print Fashion
  1. Play With Make-Up

Because every element of fashion should be fun. Rhianna x Fenty beauty have created whimsical typed makeup for all skin types.

Rihanna Fashion
George Pimental / Getty Images – Rihanna Playful Makeup
  1. Go-To Option

Have a go-to option to fall back on for those rushed days and days that you just lack creativity; it will ensure your fashion ensamble is always on point. Rihannas go-to is army print.

Rihanna Fashion
GVK/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images – Rihanna Army Outfit

Rihanna has effortlessly created an immortal existence with fashion, which we mere fashion mortals can ever hope to exude.

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Follow Rihanna:
Website: http://www.rihannanow.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rihanna
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rihanna
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/rihanna
Instagram: https://instagram.com/badgalriri

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14 thoughts on “10 Fashion Forward Steals From Rihanna

  1. I love all that is Rihanna! I feel like she can do no wrong when it comes to fashion and beauty. I, especially love the makeup and hair look(s) that she plays with. We have similar skin tones, so I usually judge playing with new colors based on how they look on her. (This is not to say that I look anything like her.) She’s awesome!


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