Rescue Skin Care Products With Immediate Results

Before my travels to Paris, France I did extensive research on tourist itineraries and to my surprise a trip to the local pharmacy and Sephora ranked high. Apparently there is eminent excitement over Parisian skin care products, which had my curiosity intrigued.Our tourist excursions began on early mornings and ended with late nights, subsequently I looked tired, my skin was dull and dehydrated from all the flying and my eyes were bloodshot, but not to dither, there was a potion in Paris to combat all these misdemeanors. Subsequently, I bought into the recommended cosmetics and added them to my skin care regimen in my hotel room to scrutinize what all the fuss was about. Granted my skin had an instant “pick me up” texture I needed.

I discovered innumerable magical products, that I have a new-found love for cosmetics like never before and I forced quite a reasonable portion of my monthly budget to fund this new indulgence, it’s worth it!

The overall result is that I wear less to no make-up and feel confident, my skin has never looked more radiant and I have found out the cause of certain skincare problems and the product to combat it.

Here is a list of remarkable skin care products a number of which I found in Paris, others I came across since my interest in skincare that needs to be added to your skin care routine:

1. Innoxa Blue Eye Drops

Innoxa Blue Eye Drops

This isn’t a skin care product, however bright clear eyes adds a much needed boost to a healthy glowing skin. Perfectly clear, hydrated eyes.

  1. Matis Reponse Corrective

Matis Reponse Corrective

 Bye bye breakouts, hello clear skin.
Accelerates benefits of serums and moisturizers.

  1. Lush Sea Salt Scrub

Lush Ocean Salt Scrub

  This indulgent scrub is perfect for overexposed skin.

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  1. Caudalie Glycolic Peel

Caudalie Glycolic Peel

Every skin imperfection is minimized.
Skin looks instantly radiant.

  1. Caudalie Toner

  No alcohol, a gentle yet effective toner.

  1. Nuxe Serum

  Sunspots are quickly lightened with natural ingredients.

  1. Caudalie Day Moisturizer With Broad Spectrum

  Matt finish with glowing skin.

  1. Vichy Broad Spectrum Sunblock

  100% protection without a greasy feel.

  1. Nuxe Multi Purpose Dry Oil

Perfect to wear under make-up during winter or when there are dehydrating       conditions for dry skin.


  1. NYX Concealer

A lightweight concealer that provides maximum coverage with minimal effort.

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20 thoughts on “Rescue Skin Care Products With Immediate Results

  1. I feel lost when it comes to skincare. There are so many products out there, how do you choose. They all make crazy promises… seems like too much so I just kind of shut down. Right now I am thinking of trying Rodan and Fields for my beautiful sun spots that have invaded my face. Over 40 sucks! If there is something else that is good I am open to suggestions! Thanks.

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    1. Hi Wendy, I hear you! I think the standard quality of products are higher now than ever due to such an influx of so many to choose from. I find that affordable brands deliver on their promises sometimes just as much as some high end brands. My take on it is that I don’t like applying make up to my imperfections but rather spend more money on product than make up. How I choose my products, I have to admit I follow trends & products that people fuss over (like Caudalie & charcoal products) and some I stumble across in the form of samples I might get with my purchases (like Matis) you’ll be surprised at how these products can boost your confidence – give it a try. Also, I’m 30 now and with relying less on make up my skin looks better than it did in my late 20’s and I’m not just saying that! Good luck!


  2. Wow, what a great blog. I really like it very much.The tips you have shared on your blog is amazing. Actually, I am a mom of two children and at this age skin care is very important for every woman. I definitely going to follow your tips. Keep sharing like this.

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