20 Things You Can Do Now To Boost Your Metabolism

Increase metabolism to accelerate your weight loss. Sounds appealing?
In addition to regular exercise and diet regimens, here are the best habits you need to add to your everyday routine on how to increase metabolism to look slimmer and feel lighter faster, an elixir we all crave.

  1. Eight hours of sleep

Leptin and ghelin hormones stabilize during sleep ensuring your energy levels regulate throughout the day, as a result you won’t feel the need to indulge in unnecessary calories.

  1. Drink hot lemon water

Have it in the morning as a “wake me up” to kick-start your metabolism also assisting to help cleanse your digestive tract.

  1. Eat Breakfast

Simply put – wake up your metabolism, which has been asleep for hours, time to provoke your digestive system wheels into churning.

  1. Whole eggs

Not just egg whites, studies prove that whole eggs attack choline: a gene that helps your body store fat, of course we fancy none of that crisis, attack that gene!

  1. Coffee stimulant

It’s no secret, we all know that coffee is a metabolism stimulant; add a cuppa to your daily routine, don’t forget to hydrate.

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  1. Omega 3’s

Increases leptin production, the hormone that tells your brain that you are full, without enough leptin, your metabolism subsequently slows down, furthermore our bodies do not produce Omega 3’s, its found in certain foods we might not be able to consume enough of, so take an Omega rich supplement every morning.

  1. Snack

Keep your metabolism awake by eating every three hours, have smaller snacks and carefully distribute your calories.

  1. Dark chocolate for stress

Stress hormones aid a sluggish metabolism, have dark chocolate, but practice caution so in limited amounts that subsequently lowers your stress hormones.

  1. Protein

High protein diets are all the trend, specifically, protein is the ultimate thermogenic food source meaning it takes much energy (calories) to break down protein rich foods, so turn up the protein intake a notch.

  1. Cold water

Your body uses more calories to heat cold water although just a few, but a few will double up over time.

  1. Fire up your meals

Capsicum chilies spike your metabolism by approximately 73%, that’s an ass-kicking amount you cannot ignore.

  1. Negative Calorie Foods

Negative calorie foods are metabolism boosting foods. For example Quinoa, takes your body more calories to break down than to digest.

Here’s a list of foods that increase metabolism to add to your shopping basket: apples, bananas, black beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, corn, grapefruit, kidney beans, lentils, lettuce, oatmeal, oranges, peas, pineapple, spinach and sweet potatoes.

  1. Add garlic

Helps control the fat level in blood.

  1. Apple Cider vinegar

Conquer the break down of fat in your body; apple cider vinegar releases genes that break down this fat. Mix two teaspoons in a glass of water and consume before each meal.

  1. Eliminate trans fat

Trans fats plays a catastrophe with your metabolism, it inhibits the proper break down of glucose and fat making you store volatile fats, thus increasing your cholesterol.

Many food manufacturers conceal trans fat on their labels and will appear as 0g on labels, look for hydrogenated fats, hydrogenated vegetable oils or partially hydrogenated fats, and avoid these types of foods.

Avoid fried and battered foods, baked goods, margarine, ice cream, non-dairy creamers, ground beef, peanut butter (look for gluten free options), frozen pizza, microwave popcorn (make your own with healthy oils).

  1. An apple a day

Reduces visceral fat, a frugal way to look slimmer.

  1. Green tea

Catechin found in green tea, are one of the natural metabolism boosters, improves fat oxidation and thermogenesis.

  1. Indulge in oysters

Feast on oysters that promote a healthy thyroid, which is essential in a productive, fast metabolism.

  1. Skip the alcohol

Alcohol slows down your metabolism up to a whooping 73%. Enough said.

  1. Dairy Cultures

The calcium found in dairy (not dairy supplements) helps your body metabolize fat; increasing the rate your body eliminates fat as waste; delight in yoghurt as a dessert a few times a week for a high metabolism.

Enunciate your diet with these easily adaptable inclusions in your diet, stick to it and make it a way of life to obtain maximum results.

See below a SHOPPING LIST guide and CHECK LIST to do everyday in order to increase your metabolic rate:

Increase Metabolism shopping list

Increase Metabolism check list

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