Seven Steps To Banish Monday Blues

As of late, I’ve particularly begun to despise Mondays and not one to get stuck in a rut of negativity; I needed to find a way to add my magical confetti to fashion Mondays as desirable and beat the Monday blues.

And here’s what I came up with, a few remedies, seven in particular, for Mondays to transcend from bleh to bearable to ooh so amazing! No Monday blues!

  1. Sleeping Habits

Sleeping in on the weekends is becoming, however interrupting your sleeping pattern can cause insomnia on Sunday night and consequently what results is an automatic grouchy Monday morning start aka Monday morning blues, that coffee doesn’t always conquer.

At the most, sleep in for an extra hour.

  1. Be Organized

Take an hour on a Sunday to plan your OOTD, pack your work-bag and prepare lunch and snacks for the work place because we all know going hungry and skipping meals begets the Monday blues.

Monday Blues

  1. Only The Best Coffee

Start your Monday off with a decadent cup of coffee, plan to leave home a bit earlier to stop at Starbucks and don’t forget to grab a cuppa for your colleagues too.

Monday Blues

  1. Lunch Date

Leave the office for lunch; bringing weekend vibes into your Monday, it relaxes you without even realizing it.

Meet a friend, turn it into a lunch date with your partner, or if it has to be all business, plan it out of the office.

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  1. Pamper Sessions

Plan your monthly facials or nail treatments for a Monday after work, it gives you something to anticipate and eliminates any traces of a blue Monday.

  1. Order In

If you’re one to eat out often on the weekends, rather spend time cooking at home and save an order-in for a Monday.

Monday Blues

  1. Delayed Gratification

Over the weekend, don’t watch the full season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, save the last episode for Monday.

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