Dubai Is The ~est

With all the travelling I have done this year, I always opted to fly Emirates, my preferred airline, and in doing so, each time I stopped over at the Dubai airport, it was inevitable, that my next vacay was to explore Dubai beyond the airport confinement, after all, Dubai is my kinda city – deemed as the “luxury stop over.”

Finally, I was beyond passport control and set off on my adventures in the dynamic city of Dubai.As each magnificent piece of architecture passed me by, I realized that not too long ago this city was all desert and the tenacity needed to build a city of such extreme proportions was not only intriguing but a rather marvelous accomplishment by ruler of the Emirates Dubai  Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The people of Dubai pride themselves and marvel at the vision of their prime minister and the unraveling of each detail of his plan.

Not only is he set on building the biggest, largest or longest everything, his particular attention to detail and inclusion of quality in luxury makes the experience a sensational sweeter.

Here are some of the great marvels of the City Of Dubai I had the pleasure of visiting when I was in Dubai:

The Tallest


Standing tall at 800 meters, the Burj Khalifa holds the Guinness World Book record for the tallest building in the world. The story behind the building of this jaw dropping architecture is inspiring and is a must visit when in Dubai.

The Biggest

Boasting more than 1200 shops, the Dubai Mall is the world’s biggest mall metropolis. Grab some ice – cream after a well deserved break from all the shopping!

The Rarest

Home to over 500 species of exotic marine life, the Lost Chamber Aquarium has some of the rarest animals, like this beautiful albino crocodile pictured below:


The Hottest

Take to the dunes of Dubai and escape the city on a desert safari, enjoy some Arabian cuisine and exotic belly dancing as part of the tour.

Sheena D Pot Of Gold Dubai

The Oldest

Known as old Dubai, the Souk Al Bahar also known as the gold souk, is a must for souvenirs, my ultimate find was aromatic rose tea that I cannot get enough of.

gold souk

The Finest

When in Dubai, a multitude of luxury surrounds you, enjoy a scrumptious signature meal while dazzled by the entertaining arrangement of the Dubai fountains.

Dubai is a city of the finer acquisitions that life has to offer, moreover a city that represents the future, as it’s consistently evolving and re-innovating, it’s only one’s wonder how they will challenge the future and what will be possible in another ten years time.

This trip to Dubai is without doubt not my last, it represents an elixir of luxury and endless possibilities and personally, it was motivating to know that just a while ago, this was all desert.







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