Beauty – VIT at Med Aesthetique Review

The key to looking your best is feeling your best and from experience, while fancy creams may perform a variety of miracles, (Read: Rescue Skin Care Products With Immediate Results) if you’re not feeling your best, you are likely not going to look your best.

My current situation includes moving house from Russia to South Africa, throw in my wedding day in less than two months and being on set for long hours– all this being the tip of the iceberg – needless to say, time is not on my side for indulgence of any kind and furthermore add to this – travel, as wonderful as it is, all of this inclusive takes a strain on anyone. I want to be able to enjoy these life moments, without having to feel fatigued or overwhelmed.

Dr. Nicole Kanaris – aesthetic doctor and director at Med Aesthetique in Greenstone, Johannesburg has always been to my rescue by personalizing the doctor patient relationship, thereby providing a holistic and wellness approach to their medical treatments tailored to suit your lifestyle.

At this milestone of my life, Dr. Kanaris recommended the Beauty VIT – IT intravenous treatment. Laced with vitamins that your body instantly absorbs, you will feel an instant “pick me up” – my body soaked it up in a mere ten minutes due to constant traveling which led to dehydration.


This treatment came highly recommended by Dr. Nicole for it’s multitude of benefits; two in particular: it’s perfect for my highly busy lifestyle since it reduces fatigue, in addition the Beauty VIT – IT treatment targets and reduces uneven skin tone, a skin problem that numerous Indian women, such as myself have as a concern, Glutathione acts as one of active ingredient targeting pigmentation.

It’s been forty-eight hours since my treatment and without doubt I feel less burnt out.
I particularly love this treatment not only due to it’s instant vitality feel, but also because I can still feel the effects of the infused vitamins, I’m able to do more with my day as I feel less tired and more energetic.
As a timeous treatment, it also doesn’t require you to block out much time from your day; my complete treatment lasted under thirty minutes, its painless and there is no down time.

I’ll be doing weekly treatments leading up to my wedding day.
I can’t wait to evaluate the effects on my skin and will update this blog post with the results.

Information for Med Aesthetique

Contact information:
Tel: (011) 524 0249
Address: Eden Meadows Shopping Centre, Corner Modderfontein & Van Riebeck Avenue, Greenstone 1609

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Med Aesthetiques offers a large variety of medical and healthcare services geared towards anti – aging and aesthetic treatments.



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