You Can Afford High End Fashion On A budget, Here’s How

A true fashionista has a fashion budget and sticks to it; admit it, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, and Louboutins do not come cheap.
It’s an achievement for an averaged income lady to add Louis Vuitton leather to her bag collection and the likes.
But just how does one go about adding these items to their wardrobe, with an average income?

Here are five simple steps:

High Fashion On A Budget

1. Mindset Change

Go from the benign “I have nothing to wear” to the exhilarating “I have everything to wear” syndrome, in all honestly many of us have bountiful.
Challenge yourself to wear all items from your closet. Dress it up variously by adding accessories, mix tops and bottoms; so that all of your closets’ contents are utilized for a year (or how ever long it takes to complete wearing all the items in your wardrobe); and if after this challenge there are still unused items, get rid of it.
During this challenge, don’t spend anything on your wardrobe, not on fast fashion not trends – nothing.
Granted you will save money from this challenge. Add these savings to your splendid high-end fashion wish list.

2. Small Beginnings

All high-end fashion labels have entry level products specifically key chains, belts, money clips etc – invest in a few as motivation.

High Fashion On A Budget

3. Paycheck

If your paycheck at this moment in time does not allow for a lavish spurge on a pair of Jimmy Choos, practice patience.
Ideally your budget should allow for a 2 – 5% allowance on clothes per month.
Rather, save your percentage each month to enable your fancier purchases. It’s an additional elixir to add novelty pieces to your wardrobe instead of a multitude of cheaper items – quality over quantity.

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4. Sales

Particular luxury brands do not participate in sales, like Louis Vuitton, for example. However, several larger retailers that stock high-end brands occasionally have a sale of selected items where designer clothes for less may be discovered. Scout correctly and there might just be an item on your wish list.

High Fashion On A Budget

5. Goals

Write down your high fashion wish list and stick it in your wardrobe area, aspire to tick of one of these items a year or more often. Commence with the least expensive items and ascend to the most expensive.

High Fashion On A Budget

Aim to have a high-end brand for each wardrobe category – bags, shoes, tops, belts etc.
Follow the steps above and you are on your way to marvel at your jaw-dropping wardrobe that you accomplished.
Of course this is not everything in life, but it is one of life’s guilty pleasures.

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