Things To Do On A Rainy Day Or A Weekend In

I’m not an indoor kinda gal, I love gallivanting at every opportunity, especially during weekends.

However, for three rainy weekends in a row, my already dampened spirit began to plummet and being forced to re-adjust, this is what I came up with: a sensational list of options to luxuriate a rainy day into whimsical splendors.

Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities For Adults:

  1. Since working out outdoors isn’t an option, start the day early at gym
  2. Enjoy a session in the steam room
  3. Cook up a champagne breakfast or brunch
  4. Call in a mobile spa and treat yourself at home for indoor activities
  5. Watch a movie (See 111 Movies To Watch)
  6. Play board games, the number one of things to do indoors
  7. Read – always one of the fun rainy day activities
  8. Cook a scrumptious dinner
  9. Call (not message) a friend or family member for a catch up
  10. Keep warm and drink refined cognac at the fireplace
  11. Create a family cookbook or album for some rainy day fun
  12. Bake cookies or cupcakes
  13. Order In
  14. Online shopping  the perfect of a range of rainy day ideas
  15. Go out in the rain and attempt a rainy day photoshoot

Sounds like a splendid weekend after all – these are some fun things to do indoors.
What would you add to the list?

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