Wedding Budget 101

Read this then plan your wedding budget!

You said Yes!
Now it’s time to set the date for the big day, consequently you need to select your venue and with that comes the “B” word: BUDGET.

Realistically there is no such thing as an inexpensive wedding, moreover, there are no cheap wedding ideas. Whatever your pocket may pay towards, wedding days progress to be expensive, so prepare, and this can be done by saving and reading this blog post.

Wedding Budget
Sheena Deepnarain On Her Wedding Day

This blog post provides:

Wedding Budget

  1. Savings Plan

Acquiring a savings plan toward your wedding day would be the first action you need to apply and the perfect savings plan is the 52-week challenge, ideally the majority of weddings are set a year in advance – giving you fifty-two weeks to plan, save and prepare.
Without doubt, avoid paying for your wedding day on credit.
Work out your budget and put away money towards that budget every week or month. Plan for your wedding ideas on a budget to become a reality.
Editable Wedding Savings Plan Template

Wedding Budget

  1. Set A Date

Set a date that coincides with your wedding savings plan and not the availability of your venue as a priority, delay your wedding day if the need arises, you’ll be better for it if you do.

  1. Venue

Ultimately, try to find a venue that offers everything required for the day, you will find that time sourcing requirements not offered at your venue is stressful, moreover the little savings that you think you accumulate is considerably not worth it, due to all the effort required.
Subsequently, you will find that convenience trumps saving money due to the multitude of your wedding to do list; pay a bit more for peace of mind, dealing with as few vendors as possible and having less tasks for yourself.
Less stress is the route to take and reduces unnecessary wedding expenses.

  1. Decor

Know exactly what you want and put together a detailed list, from the beginning of the ceremony when guests walk in, to the send off, but without doubt, tread lightly with ideas from Pinterest, as helpful as this app may be.

This will ultimately help you determine your wedding cost breakdown.

Wedding Budget

  1. Save The Dates

I cannot stress the importance of sending out save the dates to guests. It helps set the tone for your wedding day and helped us finalize the numbers and guests early on, which of course contributes to your wedding cost.

  1. Final Budget

So, how much does a wedding cost?

In all likelihood, your initial budget will not include everything for your wedding day; it will take a multiple of drafts  of your wedding budget breakdown before the final budget concludes. Try to include as much detail as possible in your budget and use the wedding budget list provided.

  1. Large Contingent

Allow for a 40% contingent over and above your initial budget and save towards that. Why:

  • Ever increasing prices;
  • Some purchases will not be to your satisfaction and you will need to repurchase;
  • You may require various other material suited to your wedding not on any templates;
  • Murphy’s law, emergencies will come up and these are always expensive. We had our dog, Duke; fall sick during this time amongst other unforeseen occurrences.
  1. Plan A Staycation

The anxiety can accumulate and as much as the couple should be getting eight hours of sleep, eating healthy and relaxing; the excitement and anxiousness builds up, its best to check in at a hotel and escape from it all. Order in and rest for a day or two.


  1. Wedding Shopping

We decided to do our wedding shopping in Dubai – I absolutely suggest planning a getaway six months or so beforehand for wedding shopping, it was a thrill and adds to the whimsical splendor of such an important date, naturally Dubai offers a shopping experience like no other with exclusive ranges from boutique and high-end stores, I absolutely recommend it. Choose a destination for wedding shopping that will coincide with your wedding theme. 


Here is a detailed sheet of a wedding expenses list required for your wedding day, which serves as a wedding cost calculator and assists with you determining the cost of an affordable wedding.
Editable Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

Moreover, your wedding day is a milestone in your life and is worth every cent.
It’s a day that should be everything the couple wants to share together with their guests.

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