Fashion Trends 2018: What’s In And What’s Out

Fashion and style go hand in hand, here are some of the latest trends that you should include in your current fashion as well as fashion you need to ditch so you can be fashion forward this 2018.

Think minimalism meets comfort when rebooting your closet and you will be fashion forward all year round.


1. Headbands

Slick back your mane and prompt your make-up routine for a striking chic look to compliment this style.
This 2018 you can go an extra day without washing your hair whilst simultaneously staying current.
Where to purchase: Woolworths 

2. Shimmer

Shimmer and shine everything, from make-up to your clothes, you can never have enough sparkle, glitter and shine.
Where to purchase: YDE

3. Mom Jeans

Comfort meets sexy; the high-waist craze has escalated this 2018 by bringing back the uber-trend – mom jeans.
Where to purchase: Top Shop 

4. Boots

Come summer or winter, boots are in all year round.
Where to purchase: Steve Madden

5. Sheer

Sheer overalls, throws, skirts and tops, and add accented flair with tulle skirts.
Where to purchase: Zara

As much as these fashion items are out, sneak it into your look in a tasteful way by keeping in mind the overall 2018 fashion direction of comfort, minimalism and chic, if you hadn’t had quite enough of it just yet.


1. Choker’s

Chokers were the novelty to complete any outfit in 2017, consequently, this mania is overdone and its time to give your choker’s a rest.
Hoop earrings seem to be the current accessory progression.

2. Plaid Print

I bought a plait print top last season and didn’t even wear it, only to find out it’s out of fashion. Granted plaid always makes a comeback.

3. Fringe Bags

Whilst fringe bags are out, fringe skirts and tops are still in.

4. Corset Belts

I’m not ready to rid of my corset belts just yet, so I’ll still be wearing my waist belts – the lesser evil?

5. Oversized Sunglasses

Beyoncé kicked the oversized infatuation to the curb at the 2018 Grammys. Invest in “Jetson” types or abstract smaller frames this 2018.

Enjoy cleaning out your closet, but don’t hastily dispose of what’s out, fashion repeats, hold on to your best pieces.

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6 thoughts on “Fashion Trends 2018: What’s In And What’s Out

  1. Ah, thank you that fringed bags are out! Although I don’t have one, I do have a pair of fringed booties and whenever I wear them, I worry that I’m sweeping the floor with them! Can we phase out everything fringed? But jackets since those are pretty cool.

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