Things To Do In Edenvale, Johannesburg – South Africa

Johannesburg is primarily an “urbanite” city, however, I’m a wanderer and constantly on the hunt for something that’s unique, as almost always, attached to this uniqueness are interesting facts and finds that always “ooh” and “ahh” a traveller.
Beyond that, discovering your own country is always thrilling, so I took to driving around the hustling streets of Edenvale, Johannesburg, which has always intrigued me, and found a nostalgic suburb of classics and vintage with a mix of proudly South African meets retro.

  1. The Apple Bite

Edenvale, Johannesburg

There are a few diners and roadhouses to select from in Edenvale and it’s interesting to know that it dates far back to when Edenvale served as a stopover for travellers, whilst the suburb grew, the diners remained due to it’s popularity and present day Edenvale, South Africa is home to four roadhouses.
I found the aesthetically retro Applebite that offers a hearty menu of American classics: pizza, burgers and milkshakes.

  1. Kota Joe

Edenvale, Johannesburg

Not far away from Apple Bite is the Kota Joe roadhouse, offering an array of mouthwatering milkshakes from topdeck flavors to indulgent tiramisu types.
Also on the menu are popcorn mixes with chocolate favorites and ice-cream delights that are irresistible.

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  1. Horwoods Farm

Walk off some calories at the Horwoods farm which has a craft market from time to time on a Sunday.
There is also an ideal play area for kids and the farm is pet friendly.

  1. Red Door Café

Edenvale, Johannesburg

The red door cafe is a decor speciality offering flavorsome brunch and coffee options.

  1. De Molen Windmill and De Bakery

Established in 1963, this revered landmark in Edenvale from Dutch attributes, known for their ever-famous pancakes, served every Saturday at the De Molen Restaurant is a must visit to complete your Edenvale visit.

If you are ever puzzling over things to do in Johannesburg this weekend, then take a drive to Edenvale and prepare to indulge in decadent soul food classics.

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