Beauty Trend: Dermaroller For Perfect Skin

I was never one to invest in over-priced moisturizers, as it didn’t make sense to spend money on a product that just sits on your skin, furthermore, research suggests your skin can only absorb a mere 0.3% of a moisturizer (how dismal!), however, introduce the dermaroller treatment to your skin care routine and this dismal percentage amplifies to a whooping 75% – 85% absorption rate.
The dermaroller also refereed to as a microneedling, derma needling or skin needling procedure, achieves this result by little prickly needles piercing into layers of your skin, thereby allowing your product to seep deeper into your epidermis.



  • Enhances effects of skin care products
  • Plumps and firms skin thereby reducing fine lines and sagging
  • Promotes exfoliation of skin
  • Targets pigmentation, micro needling for scars is especially effective
  • Reduction of pore size
  • Dermaroller for stretch marks is highly recommened


The derma roller results are more effective than exfoliators, enhances the results of your product through deeper absorption by the skin. The derma roller for scars is most effective.


At home microneedle roller system kits retail from R300 to R1500
In salon treatments vary begin from R1500 – 00

Where To Get A Derma Roller:

At home kits are available on Takealot.

Ease of use: If you have a low pain threshold, then I suggest you have a derma needling treatment done at salons, it’s not much fun breaking the first layers of your skin yourself, it is painful, however you can use numbing cream to ease the pain but the procedure may still feel uncomfortable.

How To Use:

  1. Wash your face
  2. Tone
  3. Apply numbing cream (Over the counter)
  4. Remove numbing cream once you feel effect
  5. Apply serum
  6. Roll the derma needle up and down, side to side, diagonally from the left and right all over your face excluding your eyelids
  7. Apply a second coat of serum
  8. Apply moisturizer as normal

Use the microneedling treatment once every four to six weeks, any more and you will be over treating your skin, you need to give your skin time to repair and fully benefit from the procedure.

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A derma roller lasts for 15 treatments – after which it needs to be replaced.

Time for procedure:

20 minutes


Immediately, I could feel the applied serum being soaked into my skin with a tingling sensation I felt up to a week later. Over the next few days I noticed dead skin cells were more visible but easily coming off, revealing a brighter complexion.
I absolutely recommend the derma roller for winkles as I found my fine lines noticeably reduced.
I used a high-end facemask the next day; my skin drew in all the nutrients and looked more dewy and healthier than usual.


Dermarolling is an uncomfortable and painful procedure, even though I did use numbing cream it was still painful in certain areas, my face was red a day after the procedure.
Even with primer my make – up looked flaky due to dead skin cells and slight scarring from the derma needling which does disappear to reveal healthier looking skin. So with my personal experience I would say there is downtime for at least 24 – 48 hours.


Do not use if you have acne or any kind of bacteria on your skin – this procedure will spread the bacteria worsening the problem.
Always sterilize your rollers before and after use.
Additionally, do not use a vitamin C serum, which can react negatively to dermarolling.
Avoid using a dermaroller after a facial hair removal procedure, wait 24 – 48 hours as this can cause a breakout.
Always consult a doctor first before tackling this procedure on your own, as a professional will be able to warn you of any concerns pertaining to your skin.

Would I use it again?

Absolutely, it’s a timeous treatment, which took twenty minutes whilst I watched television.
After using the dermaroller I could feel my product working in the deeper layers of my skin.
My main concern is uneven skin tone and freckles due to too much time in the sun, my sunspots appear dramatically lighter and I’m confident to leave the house with no make – up on. My skin overall looks healthier with a glow that I used to have in my late teens, who wouldn’t be elated with those results?
I could feel more absorption of product for up to a week after I did the procedure and I don’t feel that guilty for splurging on skin care products any longer.

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