Beauty Product Review: Estēe Lauder Perfectionist Serum

When it comes to skin care, prevention is better than cure, granted, turning thirty comes with concerns of wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of collagen, and dull looking skin all of which I desperately try to avoid.

Persistent with my obsession for discovering the best serums to compliment my Derma Roller treatment (Read – Beauty Trend: Derma Roller For Perfect Skin), I consequently see the results of my skin care products much faster, especially with the use of the Estēe Lauder Perfectionist Serum.


  • The Estēe Lauder Perfectionist Serum contains silica powder so you can skip your primer if you wish, as this serum serves the purpose of a primer by instantly blurring lines and pores
  • Wrinkles are noticeably reduced
  • Skin is firmer and elasticity is strengthened over time


Immediately my skin had a velvet look and feel and within a week of use I had a healthy glow.
In conjunction with my Derma Roller, the results of the serum usage were more intensive, as the product penetrated deeper into my skin, however I wasn’t too sure about sillica powder being abosrbed into my skin but it didn’t seem to be a problem.
Concerns for me were fine lines on my forehead as a result, these fine lines have noticeably diminished after about four weeks.
The deeper wrinkles around my eye area appear less prominent.
Additionally, my skin is less oily and looks and feels firmer.

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Retails for around R1160 – 00 for 30ml, also available in 50ml and 75ml.

Ease of use:

Apply in conjunction with a toner and a hydrating moisturizer.

How To Use:

Apply one pump to dampened skin, achieved by toning, as you may be inclined to use more product due the serum’s dry texture, twice a day.
I would not suggest using this product in winter, as it’s not moisturizing

Time for product to work:

Immediate results are visible, however, over a longer period, skin elasticity is improved with a noticeable reduction of wrinkles and pores. 


It improves the condition of your skin over time and restores firmness lost with age and environmental damage.
Can replace your primer.


Probably not ideal for dry skin and for use during winter.


The look as well as the quality of the product is important to me, I love using ascetically appealing products and without doubt, prettier products are more likely to catch your eye. The Perfectionist serum has the prettiest packaging with a lovely lilac bottle that will look attractive on any vanity top.

Would I use it again?

I like to change my serums every three months, unless more time is suggested for the product to work by the cosmetic brand, so that I gain the most out of different ingredients to help my skin look flawless, but I won’t repurchase this product, simply because my skin is more dry than oily and I require more nourishment.

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