How To Create A Vision Board

Dreams are never to late to attain after all, what is life without aspiration and achievement?

It’s imperative that your goals are written down and visible, a vision board provides this for you, in addition, whilst you begin the vision board activity, you will hone in on the goals that are of paramount importance for you to live your best life and minimize all those hundreds of ideas that cause anxiety and a lack of purpose.Without having a written or visual plan, we have no definite path to follow ultimately forging goals we soon forget about.

A vision board solves this messy problem; this is how:

  • Prioritizes your goals
  • Helps you not loose sight of short and long term goals
  • Minimizes goal list to what is of ultimate importance
  • A visual board is a daily reminder to help your mind map a path to achieve that goal
  • A daily reminder helps you constantly put out your intentions to the universe

But does it work?
The simple answer is yes.
Of course, merely looking at your vision board is not going to accomplish your goals for you; it’s rather fuel for your passion to manifest and directs your motivation forward.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a vision board:

Step 1:
Schedule time out to clearly determine your ultimate goals.
Prompt: Visualize where you see yourself in five years from now.
Write this down, it should not be more than three to five goals, see where you can group goals together to minimize your goal list.

Step 2:
Now decipher short-term goals to achieve these long-term goals with utmost clarity.
Prompt: Drawing a mind – map assists.

Step 3:Reflect on what you can eliminate and focus or meditate on if it’s something you ultimately want.
Prompt: Ask yourself if this is going to make you happy?
Is it something you enjoy and will it help others?
Answer these questions truly and honestly – your goals should not solely focus on making money – it needs to contribute to the quality of life for yourself and those around you and granted it needs to be a passion that drives you.
Come back to this step a day later or even a week later to have more clarity on your intentions.


Step 4:
There are many inspirational people to follow for further motivation – write down the people who inspire you, related to your goals, follow them on social media and print out a picture that sparked your interest.
For example: my fitness inspiration is Sarah Stage and one of my goals is simply to have a kick –ass body as she does.

Step 5:
Cut out pictures in magazines or have them printed out, related to your long-term goals.

Step 6:
Attach inspirational quotes that are specific to you and your goals.

Step 7:
Put your different goals into separate columns on your pin board or frame and have fun with creating your vision board.
Keep it neat and minimalist.

Step 8:
Hang it up in your office or room and look at it everyday.
Here is a link to a Pinterest board I created where you can find some vision board material: Vision Board on Pinterest

Remember to go back to your vision board and change things like motivational quotes, and inspiration each season.

Whatever you do, enjoy the journey to achieving your goals, the most time spent is on the journey, live and feel it fully.
The moment of achieving your goal lasts just a moment and many of us miss this and don’t realize the bigger picture.

Having a vision board is one of the first steps toward getting where you want to be. It’s extremely important to plan and map out how you are going to achieve each goal, as you cannot simply stumble upon it without planning as well as working and implementing these goals.
When opportunity meets preparation, you will be able to put your best foot forward and execute.

I’ve teamed up with Guided Success to help map out my short – term goals to reach my five-year ultimate goal and strongly recommend life – coaching to help you in this regard.
Contact Guided Success (Based in Johannesburg, South Africa): CLICK HERE



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