Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

Congratulations are in order if you are reading this, with the intention of purchasing an engagement ring, I’m glad that you landed on this page to prepare for a milestone event in your life.

An engagement ring is a lifelong commitment therefore fussing over every detail is not overrated; it’s essential. Sure you can buy another ring later on, however your first engagement ring will always hold sentimental value – no matter what the price tag attached to it is.

Here is the ultimate guide for finding that perfect engagement ring for your fiancé to be:

Engagement Rings

  1. Know Your Fiancés Style And Taste:

Primarily, the leading point for any engagement ring purchase should echo your fiancés personality, style and taste, thereby celebrating the uniqueness of the person you fell in love with.

For example, an Emerald represents my birthstone; subsequently I’ve naturally gravitated toward this stone. You can match your fiancé’s ring to their birthstone, or different shapes that are unique to their taste, go traditional or opt for non – traditional – the idea is to tap into your thoughtfulness regarding the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with.

  1. Think ahead:

Inevitably, the engagement ring will be paired with a wedding band; therefore, it’s helpful, when browsing engagement rings, to consider wedding bands simultaneously.

I was lucky enough that the jeweler I opted to go with had emerald wedding bands to match my emerald engagement ring; it would have looked odd with a diamond wedding band.

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  1. Budget:

The old – fashioned rule of thumb on how much to spend on an engagement ring is usually three months of salary, however, not to sound too cliché – having a meaning behind the ring you have chosen far surpasses price – your future fiancé will be more impressed by sentimental meaning and the thought you put into the ring over the price tag.


  1. Select a reputable Jeweler:

South Africa has a number of reputable jewelers to choose from, all of whom pay attention to quality and offer superior graded rings. Ensure you receive a certificate for insurance purposes and the jeweler offers services such as aftercare for your ring.

  1. The four C’s

Research the four C’s before buying an engagement ring:

Carat Weight: The heavier the stone, the more expensive it will be.

Cut: Choose from a variety of cuts some of which include: emerald cut, heart, oval, protea, princess, round etc.; a perfectly cut stone reflects and refracts light to reveal the true beauty of that stone.

Color: A colorless stone is considered rare and therefore more desirable over those with color. D being colorless and M-Z having color.

Clarity: Flawless categorized stones have the most clarity and stones with blemishes are categorized as included varieties.

These four C’s affects the overall grade of the stone.

  1. Insurance:

Now that your ring is purchased and ready for that paramount moment, it’s detrimental that you insure it immediately after purchase.

Ignorance is no longer an excuse for not obtaining the best engagement ring.
All the best in your quest for that perfect ring!


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2 thoughts on “Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

  1. That’s a nice list of advices. My partner said he has an idea for the ring for years now… what makes me excited and stressed at the same time. I hope he is going to follow your guide!

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