My Beauty Routine Leading Up To My Wedding Day

On most days I just hoped to wake up with a glow, I didn’t really pay much attention to caring for my skin; however, I took the time to invest in signature beauty products, procedures and beneficial habits leading up to my wedding day.

I decided to indulge pre – wedding and began my wedding beauty plan a year before my big day. Here are my bridal beauty tips for a complete bridal makeover. 

Below is a full index for this blog:

  1. Stop Wearing Make – Up
  2. Fresh Vegetables
  3. VIT – IT Drips
  4. Hair Care
  5. Face Care:
    • Exfoliation
    • Face Masks
    • Face Serum
    • Eye Creams
    • Eye – Lash Growth Serum
    • Retinol
    • Sun Block
  6. Derma Roller
  7. Teeth Whitening
  8. Exercise
  9. Time Out
  10. Sleep

Post wedding day, I’m still benefitting from incorporating a favorable skin care routine and taking care of myself with these wedding beauty tips.

Read on to find out all the details:

Sheena Deepnarain

  1. Stop Wearing Make – Up

By just eliminating make – up and without changing my skin care routine, I found that my skin was not as dull, less clogged and already started to have a glow.

This is the ultimate in home remedies for glowing skin for brides, as reducing the use of makeup also ensures that you access your skin carefully and invest in skin care products that help promote healthier looking skin by not just covering up skin imperfections.

Inevitably, I had fewer imperfections to cover up when I did wear make-up and currently I’m confident to go make-up free.

Your skin needs a break and the longer the break the more beneficial.

  1. Fresh Vegetables & Probiotics

Within a week of including fresh fruit and vegetables to my diet, I noticed that I looked less tired and had clearer skin.

Probiotics is also essential to healthy skin and prevents you from getting ill, especially during high -stress situations such as your wedding day.

  1. VIT – IT Drips

Read Beauty Treatment Review: Beauty – VIT Glutathione Drip at Med Aesthetique CLICK HERE

I cannot emphasize this treatment enough. Without doubt, during the planning of your wedding, no matter how organized you may be, there will be stress, and during my wedding planning, stress was bountiful: I was moving house from one country to the next, starting work again and planning my wedding – it was no easy task, but VIT – IT gave me the energy I needed through it’s detoxifying benefits.

My bridal beauty regime included a VIT – IT drip every week for two months before my wedding day and once a month prior to the two months.

It helped clear my skin and aided in weight loss.

My Recommendation: Med Aesthetique offers VIT – IT drips, view their website here:

  1. Hair care

You do not want heavy hair extensions weighing you down on your big day.

I religiously had Keratin hair treatments done every three months, used coconut oil as a weekly treatment and also took my biotin supplements with essential oil capsules everyday, subsequently, my hair grew extremely thick, long and healthy so much so I didn’t need hair extensions.

I did this interchangeably with other hair growth remedies I suggested:

Read: The Three Most Effective Ways To Hair Growth For Longer Hair

Sheena Deepnarain

  1. Face Care

 Exfoliation: An advanced exfoliator reveals healthy skin and allows your skin care products to seep deeper into your skin, this also allows your wedding makeup to sit perfectly on your skin.

My Recommendation: Lush Sea Salt scrub for a body exfoliator and for your face: Matis Face Renew 100 as your must have bridal skin care products.

Face Masks: Apply face masks after exfoliation about two to three times a week and every other day, closer to your wedding day.

My Recommendation: Innisfree Hyaluronic sheet masks suited to your skin care needs, each mask is targeted to a particular skin concern and perfect for bridal skin care.

Face Serums: If you don’t have this step in your skin care routine pre bridal, then it’s an absolute must that you include it.

My Recommendation: The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% 

Eye Creams: Different eye creams have various benefits consequently, I found that with the eye area being sensitive, changing my eye creams on a regular basis helped with various problems like fine lines, circles and fuller looking skin

My Recommendation: Esteé Lauder Revitilizing Supreme Eye Cream

Eye – Lash Growth Serums: You are probably still going to use fake eyelashes on your day.

But since you are on a beauty revamp add a serum to your routine, when you go make – up free you’ll be glad you did, you can ditch the mascara too and have your friends be jealous at your flawless skin and fuller, longer lashes.

My Recommendation: Talika Eyelash Serum (Available in Paris, France)

Retinol: This treatment takes a full six to eight months for all the benefits to kick in. Retinol targets all skin care concerns. However, you need to exfoliate regularly as your pores clog due to the thick consistency of any high – end retinol product. It’s important not to mix other ingredients when using retinol, especially vitamin C as this can be reactive.

My skin subsequently has no additional wrinkles, my freckles are much lighter and my skin has a healthier texture.

I still use some of my leftover Retinol skin care products present day, as the results were optimum and is the best overnight facial for brides.

My Recommendation: Pixi retinol range

Sunblock: The absolute step to complete any skin care regimen is sunblock.

My Recommendation: Clinique SPF50 Mineral Sunscreen Fluid For Face


Sheena Deepnarain

  1. Derma Roller

Do not use this too close to your wedding day, keep the final treatment at least two months away from the big day, but do invest in a couple of treatments as it eliminates skin imperfections.

Also consider a Vampire Facial: Read Treatment Review Of The Vampire Facial With Dr. Reza Mia

CLICK HERE to read procedure review.

  1. Teeth whitening

Start using home kits in advance; especially if you have stained teeth from drinking too much tea and coffee because if you are saving this for closer to your wedding time, it might not catch on.

I did not whiten my teeth professionally due to all the cons and long term damage of your teeth.

  1. Exercise

A toned body always looks good, workout everyday for two weeks leading up to your wedding day and two to three times a week before that.

Working out will help reduce stress, assist with sleeping better and of course results in obtaining that kick – ass body we all want for our wedding day and honeymoon.

  1. Time Out:

It’s essential to have time out during your wedding planning, , plan little getaways with an indulgent spa day every three months – you’ll be thankful to yourself that you did.

Wedding planning can get rather noisy, not just the planning, but also all the excitement, from yourself, your friends and family.

My Recommendations: Riverview Spa – Muldersdrift

  1. Sleep:

Having eight hours of sleep everyday is almost impossible, but whenever you can, try your best to not have less than six hours a day. On the night before your wedding its important to light candles and use lotions that aid with sleep, it was difficult for me to fall asleep due to all the hype. A recent discovery I wish I had during my wedding day was CBD oil without THC.

          My Recommendations: Oil Sceince Premium CBD Oil 

Begin this routine at least eight months before your wedding day and you will surely look and feel perfect on your big day.

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