Adventure Boot Camp For Women – Review

Truth be told, prior to signing up for Adventure Boot Camp For Women, I had the impression that what I conjured up at gym was efficient and I was modestly fit.

My body was in adequate shape – not my ultimate goal but not too far off, however, this was my misconception and to quite a large degree of dismay, I realized I wasn’t as fit as I deemed myself to be, moreover, the difference I saw in my body within the few days of Adventure Boot Camp South Africa was remarkable in comparison to struggling at gym to loose weight, it turns out I wasn’t pushing myself enough and had incorrect form for certain exercises.


What is Adventure Boot Camp For Women? 

A one hour fit camp of high intensity group exercise sessions planned by a professional and qualified fitness trainer that provides an enjoyable outdoor workout environment with a sense of community and accountability. Each workout varies, so it doesn’t become mundane routines and always challenges you, targeting various areas of concern, regardless of your fitness level.


Adventure Boot Camp has been around since September 2005 and the teams’ years of experience have accumulated to appeal to women’s fitness needs furthermore it’s one of the best fitness regimens I have had and would regard it a a top weight loss boot camp in South Africa.


Morning and afternoon classes ensure there are no excuses with first camp starting at 5:30am followed by another session at 7:30am – you are not too busy to add a workout to your schedule.
Evening sessions are also available.
Personally, I find that having earlier workouts gets it out of the way and you also don’t have the rest of the day to talk yourself out of working out – which is what I usually do.

Locations / Venues: 

Various venues around South Africa.


Prices vary according to location and facilities:

  • From about R450 for four sessions per boot camp (that’s once a week)
  • R720 for 12 sessions
  • R835 for 20 sessions

I would suggest 12 sessions to begin with and you can split the sessions out on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for example.

Ease of use:

The Adventure boot camp team are helpful and will assist with any queries:
Contact No: +27 21 447 2746

There are also flexi options available which ensures you don’t miss a workout and allows you to change locations or times to your convenience and schedule.

How to sign up and participate:

Signing up for Adventure Boot Camp For Women is done online here: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP FOR WOMEN
Arrive on time to boot camp with a yoga mat, small weights, bottled water and a sweat towel; your trainer will guide you through the workout and fellow boot campers will motivate you.
Shower facilities are also available at some camps.

When will you see results?

You will notice the difference in how you feel about your workouts, it’s absolutely more enjoyable than gym routines, automatically your body will adapt and you will see results.
Working out with a team of other women helps push you day after day, improving your fitness levels and ensuring that exercises are done properly.
I noticed that my arms and back were more toned and overall my fitness level was improving, I can run for 2k’s without tiring, even though I would complete up to 8 k’s on a treadmill, I was not able to pace myself well enough to improve my form – this is something I learnt from my trainer at boot camp.



Exercising outdoors is always a plus; South Africa has the best weather so why not enjoy it?
Working out in a group with the same fitness goals as you is always motivating and pushes you to be better.
You will find women at different levels of fitness at the various camps so you don’t need to feel as if you’re lagging behind as a beginner – no matter your level – you will fit right in.
Discovery vitality points and momentum multiply points can be redeemed.
Additional loyalty programme, specials and rewards are available to everyone who signs up.
No joining fees and no contracts.


The only con is that rainy conditions mean moving to an indoor location, within the same facility, but like always it’s still enjoyable.

Would I sign up again?

Yes, Adventure boot camp has become part of my workout routine. I’m never at an acceptable degree to motivate myself to gym on my own and having your trainer and fellow boot campers follow up on you, makes you feel accountable and more likely to attend more classes.
Working out is more enjoyable in this environment.

My Challenge To You:

If you’ve been meaning to get into shape, but keep on putting it off, here’s my challenge to you:

Sign up for the Adventure Boot Camp For Women Winter Challenge, which is a 40 Day Challenge, starting on the 14 May to 6 July.

“Our 40 Day Challenge is all about committing to boot camp and your weight loss or fitness journey for a consecutive 40 days. The great thing is that it only costs R930, which is R24 a session (cheaper than a cappuccino 😉). Ladies are able to sign up here and they will receive an awesome starter pack (goodie bag) upon the start of camp.” – Adventure Boot Camp For Women

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