Legit Fashion Review: April / May 2018

Legit is my “go to” for when I want to look trendy and add some sass to my staple wardrobe pieces.

Launched in 2002, Legit dedicated to women who dare, with their style and personality alike;  is not only affordable, additionally it’s now available online at Zando, furthermore Legit’s footprint spans across all major shopping malls around South Africa – so if you find that you are ever in need of a certain “must-have” look – it’s highly likely that you will find it, at your convenience at Legit. 

Sheena Deepnarain for Legit Amour T-Shirt
Cheeky meets cute, Legit always boasts trendy Tees

Be sure to try on the clothing, as I found that I fitted into sizes sometimes larger and even smaller dependent on style, if you are shopping online, Zando offers an easy return policy.

Below are some of my favourite pieces available in store now:

Sheena Deepnarain for Legit White Ruffle Shirt
Head to toe in Legit, pairing white with navy, resulting in a sophisticated look, perfect for a power lunch session.


Sheena Deepnarain for Legit Pink Bat Wing Top
Comfort meets chic: A perfect look for the weekend, pair a sexy top with track pants.



Sheena Deepnarain for Legit suede top
This off the shoulder sure top, paired again with navy pants – pretty and effortless.
Sheena Deepnarain for Legit
Pair this mint crop top with sleeve ruffle detail and these easy fitting tan pants.


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