Jewelry Trends For 2018 With Lakota Inspirations

Handcrafted in Cape Town, South Africa – Lakota inspirations, a jewellery and accessories online store, compliments our inner bohemian and if you didn’t know already – we all have one.

Sheena Deepnarain For Lakota Inspirations
Shop this nose ring available in gold and silver at Lakota Inspirations

I’m so excited to announce that I have joined the Lakota Inspirations influencer campaign whereby you will receive a 10% discount when you checkout at when you use the code: SHEENAD

Follow me on Instagram where you can find some of the beautiful and trendy designs from Lakota Inspirations shared on a regular basis.

I’ve listed some trends that you need to add to your jewelry and accessory collection from Lakota inspirations for winter 2018:

Mermaid Vibes: Mermaid inspired fashion is one of the leading trends for 2018.


Layered Necklace


Drop Necklace


Sunglasses: Shade yourself from the harsh winter sun but still look stylish


Belly Chains: Belly Chains are making a comeback



Lakota Inspirations Information:


Watch: Unboxing from Lakota Inspirations – Pot Of Gold Blog


Pot Of Gold Blog By Sheena Deepnarain



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