Improve Your Dog’s Overall Health With The Correct Dental Care

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Duke here, the Dachshund pet of Sheena D and now, guest blogger of Pot Of Gold.

Did you know?
Dog’s have 42 teeth and just like humans – we need our teeth cleaned regularly.

Bad dog dental hygiene can lead to:

  • Rotten teeth, which is painful;
  • Tartar and plaque on dog’s teeth;
  • Gum disease;
  • Bad Breath;
  • Infections which will ultimately spread to other organs in your pet’s body – rapidly in smaller breeds

Pedigree Dentastix
Duke with Pedigree Dentastix


Of course, good dog dental care can prevent the multitude of cons above.
Ideally brushing your dog’s teeth, twice daily, is the trump card.
Opt for a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste and not human toothpaste (as this contains additives which may be harmful to your pet).
However, I know this is not always possible.

As much as I love mummy cleaning my teeth – my sister Dior refuses to have her teeth cleaned and threatens to bite! So mum has devised a “dog teeth cleaning plan” that suits all of us.

Pedigree Dentastix
Dior With Her Pedigree Dentastix Box & Her Toy Essentials
  • Brush your dog’s teeth at least once a week to three times a week
  • Take your dog for an annual dog dental cleaning
  • Chew toys and rope naturally clean a dog’s teeth – at least once a week
  • Dental rinse for dog’s ensures no more puppy breath, purchase this from a pet store and add to drinking water daily for good dog oral care
  • Dog dental chews such as Pedigree Dentastix increase chew time and helps in reducing tartar build up and removing plaque – Pedigree recommends these delicious treats twice a week to combat dog dental problems.

Dental Treats Vs. The Toothbrush – Which One Is The Best Way To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth?

 A toothbrush cannot reach all areas and chewing toys and treats assists with breaking down build up in these hard to reach areas, accompanied by yearly dental cleaning visits, therefore a combination of both treats and brushing is essential to healthy dog teeth.
However, if your pet is difficult and treats are all you can do, well at least it’s something.

Thanks to Pedigree for informing us about good dental care and our Pedigree dog treats, watch us unboxing our treats here:

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