The Ultimate Survival Guide Checklist For The Vodacom Durban July

The week of the 122nd Vodacom Durban July is finally here and will be held at the Greyville racecourse with the expectancy of over 50 000 attendees on Saturday the 6th July 2019.

An exhilarating day of where fashion meets South Africa’s best thoroughbred racehorses – here is a checklist for you to seamlessly experience the spectacles of the Durban July, from a July veteran like myself.

Vodacom Durban July

  1. July Tickets:

First things first –pick up your tickets from any Computicket retailer.
Book your Durban July tickets here: CLICK HERE
Your Durban July tickets are only for entrance – tickets for the marquee, box or picnic area are available here:

  1. Parking Ticket Or Transport To The Venue:

If you choose to park at the venue, a parking ticket is required and available at the Greyville Racecourse sales office on Avondale Road.
Contact Greyville racecourse:  031 314 1631

Looking for accommodation in Durban? CLICK HERE to view the AHA Auberge Hollandaise Guest House

  1. Cash

Cash for bets, refreshments and food is a necessity.

  1. Power Bank

The Durban July is a full day event and granted with all the Instagram stories and selfies, your battery is going to run out.
It’s not a good idea to bring a charger with – no one is going to remember to watch your phone while it’s charging, so a power bank is your best bet.

  1. Bets In Place

It adds to the splendor of the day when you bet on some horses – especially for the main event. However, I suggest you place your bets early – usually the lines are too long just before the main race.
View the final field for the Durban July here:


  1. Fashionable Coat

July day weather is always unpredictable. Although Durban weather is never really cold, there is always is a chilly wind during this time of year plus a fashionable coat adds glam to your outfit a perfect staple for the Durban July fashion.

  1. Wedge Shoes

Stilettos are not in order for this event, it’s a long day of walking and standing involved. Opt for flats or wedges.

  1. Tissue Paper

Well, because the toilet paper will eventually run out…

  1. Sling Bag

A trendy, bag for a few of your belongings, which you can keep on you at all times, is a must.

  1. Official Hashtag

Document all the fun at the July with the official Durban July hashtag – #VDJ2019 and tag:

The July is no ordinary day at the races, it is almost time to soak up the excitement and all the glamour and equestrian prestige at “Africa’s greatest horse racing event”.
Enjoy your day at the races!

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