Product Review Of Justine Tissue Oil With Ruby Box SA

When I revealed that I would be testing Justine Tissue Oil on my social media, I received numerous positive reviews from friends and family who swear by this product.
I received a Justine Tissue Oil hamper from Ruby Box South Africa to put to the test over four weeks.

The new, improved look and formula of the oil is exquisite, accompanied by the luxury feel and aromatics – its no wonder that Justine Tissue Oil has the winning formula and without doubt is the best tissue oil for scars and stretch marks.

Justine Tissue Oil
Justine Tissue Oil


Typically used to diminish and prevent stretch marks, scars, reverse sun damage and correct uneven skin tone, in addition to these benefits – Justine Tissue Oil improves skin elasticity, prevents aging of skin and nourishes skin.
Moreover, this formula is the most effective tissue oil for acne scars as it reduces scarring and hydrates your skin simultaneously, maintaining a healthy moisture level for your skin, as most acne treatments dry skin, resulting in more sebum being produced, therefore causing more breakouts.

Key Ingredients:

  • Vitamin E – Accelerates cell renewal and increases skins elasticity
  • Sweet Almond Oil – Has antioxidant benefits, subsequently delaying the appearance of fine lines
  • Corn & Wheat Germ Oil – For nourished skin
  • Castor Oil – Fights signs of ageing
  • Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract – Repairs skin with it’s rich vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


In just two weeks Justine Tissue Oil promises to improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars and sun damage with healthier looking skin in one week – if applied twice daily.
After four weeks – full results of this product are visible with firmer and hydrated skin.


Justine Tissue Oil Price: R179 – 00 for 100ml
Justine Tissue Oil Gold is also available with other Justine tissue oil products.

Download the Justine brochure here:

Justine Tissue Oil
My stretch marks have considerably been reduced with the use of Justine Tissue Oil

Available at:

Justine products and Justine tissue oil specials are available from a Justine consultant click the following link to find your nearest consultant:

Justine products are also available online: CLICK HERE

Ease of use:

Justine Tissue Oil glides on skin and absorbs easily. I used the oil twice daily (during winter, with the use of sunblock) – I don’t suggest using it during the day at our warmer seasons.

How To Use:

I love using the oil at night after I shower by allowing my skin to soak up the oil immediately massaging the oil into my skin without drying my skin and thereafter wiping away any residue.
The tissue oil leaves your skin with an immediate, healthy glow without an oily feel or look.


Wear a sun block during use of Justine Tissue Oil and avoid exposing your skin to the sun.


  • Non oily texture
  • Visibly improves appearance of skin immediately
  • Over two weeks my skin was noticeably firmer with stretch marks less visible
  • Targeted nourishment
  • The oil doesn’t block your pores as other oils do therefore not causing breakouts


  • Justine cosmetics and skin care products are not cruelty free

Would I use it again?

Justine Tissue Oil has always been a favourite for me and trumps other similar products as the consistency of this oil is much thicker yet non – oily and still the most effective tissue oil for stretch marks I’ve used.
I use it nightly to prevent stretch marks, especially, as women, our bodies are constantly changing throughout the month – causing damage to our skin and Justine Tissue Oil prevents sagging, loss of elasticity for firmer looking skin.
I also love using Justine tissue oil on my face when I’m too tired for my night skin care routine and apply it after cleansing. It works as an overnight treatment for my face – revealing radiant skin the next morning.


Overall, Justine Tissue Oil is the premium product in the tissue oil range.
I suggest every woman use this nightly and use it if you are either losing or gaining weight to cause minimum damage to the elasticity of your skin.
The tissue oil benefits are multiple and a must for healthy looking skin all year round.

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Justine Tissue Oil


Sheena Deepnarain for Pot Of Gold Blog

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