Beauty Treatment Review: Dermaplaning With Anti Aging Art

Dermaplaning also known as dermablading or microblading is all the trend right now with regards to beauty treatments.
The dermaplane facial is essentially a mechanical exfoliation process that removes dead skin cells with immediate results for a glowing complexion.

Here is a breakdown of the dermablading facial offered by the Anti – Aging Art Clinic in Houghton, Johannesburg –  a treatment I highly recommend for glowing skin for summer.



  • Dull skin
  • Removes dead skin cells, thus promoting cellular turnover
  • Prepares skin for better absorption of products and skin peels
  • Regular treatments target hyperpigmentation

Key Tools:

There are no harsh chemicals or ingredients used in this exfoliation process. The dermablading treatment is performed using dermablades attached to a dermaplaning scalpel.


I loved that there is no down time with this skin blading procedure and I was able to see that my skin looked brighter and felt smoother immediately.
The benefits of dermaplaning are especially appreciated when you apply your makeup, which simply glides on your smoother skin.
There is also better absorption of your skin care products – I noticed a tingling sensation when I applied my serums, and it helps prepare your skin for treatments like the Green Peel which I had a week later at Anti – Aging Clinic.


(Dermaplane Facial Cost taken from Anti – Aging Art)
Dermaplaning cost: R950 – 00

Pre  Dermaplane Facial Treatment:

Avoid using skin care products with retinol, glycolic and other acids prior to your skin blading treatment, as this could lead to over exfoliation of your skin resulting in skin sensitivity.

Dermaplane Facial Procedure:

Watch this Video To See How Boity and Cherise – the expert beauticians from Anti – Aging Art Clinic perform the microplaning facial and further the explain the procedure in detail:

Post Dermaplane Facial Treatment:

Again, avoid using skin care products with retinol, glycolic and other acids as this could lead to over exfoliation of your skin resulting in skin sensitivity.
Do not exfoliate your skin for three to five days after the procedure.
Avoid sunlight after the procedure.


 A qualified beautician needs to perform the dermaplaning procedure. Do not be hoaxed into performing dermaplaning at home, as irritation of the skin can occur, leading to other skin imperfections.
A cleansing process is required prior to the treatment, which is done by a qualified beautician with the correct products, which ensures your skin does not get infected with the razors thus causing an infection.


  • Easier makeup application
  • Skin visibly looks cleaner and brighter with the removal of dead skin cells and fine hairs
  • Exfoliation promotes collagen production, thus reducing fine lines
  • No down time for an immediate pick me up for dull looking skin
  • A painless procedure


  • Increased skin sensitivity which fades over a couple of days
  • This procedure promotes cellular turnover which can result in underlying impurities surfacing

Would I try it again?

Yes – I would recommend having the dermaplaning treatment every three months, when your skin looks dull and when you begin a new skin care regimen due the multitude of benefits.


The microblading facial is a treatment I recommend every season to eliminate dullness caused by the dryness of winter, or the harsh sun damage in summer or just when your skin is looking dull and you feel like your completion could use an instant “pick-me-up”.

It’s also perfect for product absorption – to get the most from your serums that usually just sit on the surface of your skin – like what clarifying shampoo does for your hair – the dermaplaning does for your skin.

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