The 3 Effective Environ Skin Care Products I Used To Improve My Skin Pigmentation

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Des Fernandes founded leading skin-care company – Environ Skin Care, in 1990 with a focus on using Vitamin A to heal skin imperfections.

Rubybox teamed up with Environ Skin Care and sent me three Environ products to fight: the signs of aging, pigmentation and environmental damage for their #FocusOnFlawless campaign.

  • ENVIRON Focus Youth Care Youth + Avance Elixir
  • ENVIRON Focus Care Youth + Tri BioBotanical Revival Masque
  • ENVIRON Focus Care Moisture + Hydrating Oil Capsules

Environ Skin Care
From Left: Environ Revival Masque, Environ Avance Elixir and Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules.

ENVIRON Focus Youth Care Youth + Avance Elixir:

I applied this Environ serum day and night, after cleansing and toning and found that overall my uneven skin tone improved in just two weeks. The skin easily absorbs this serum and its effectiveness is further enhanced using a dermaroller. However, your skin needs to get used to the product and you gradually can increase the absorption of product on skin over time.

“ Read Beauty Trend: Dermaroller For Perfect Skin CLICK HERE”

ENVIRON Focus Care Youth + Tri BioBotanical Revival Masque:

This is an award-winning masque and it’s easy to see why.
I used the masque as you normally would, after cleaning and exfoliating my skin for 20 minutes for two weeks – every second day.
The texture of my skin after use was smooth and supple, my complexion looked more radiant and felt soft to the touch in addition fine lines were noticeably reduced.
Following the two week introductory trial, I used the masque over my moisturizer as an overnight masque and used my dermaroller to further target my pigmentation and freckles, waking up to much lighter skin pigmentation the next day.
I loved this product so much as the results were so desirable that it is defiantly one of my top products for 2018.

ENVIRON Focus Care Moisture + Hydrating Oil Capsules

Environ Skin Care
Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules

 No skin care regimen, including acne prone skin – is complete without proper hydration.
I used these indulgent, non – greasy Environ hydrating oil capsules every alternative day which heightened the effects of the product.
I unfortunately broke – out before receiving these Environ products, but I found that the breakout was quickly diminished with the use of these Environ oil capsules and any dead skin cells easily fell off my skin revealing a bright, healthy completion.


It’s important to stay away from sun during the use of these products that contain AHA’s – a high SPF must be used.
You also need to gradually get your skin used to the products, so as to not to have any reaction to over stimulation of the skin caused by the ingredients.


  • Skin pigmentation and freckles are visibly reduced
  • Anti aging function (Fine lines are less visible)
  • Damage to skin is reversed with continued use


  • Avoid sun


ENVIRON Focus Youth Care Youth + Avance Elixir R1 360 – 00
ENVIRON Focus Care Youth + Tri BioBotanical Revival Masque R1 020 – 00
ENVIRON Focus Care Moisture + Hydrating Oil Capsules R655- 00 for 30

Contact your stockiest for a detailed Environ skin care price list – see below.

Where To Purchase Environ skin care products:

Click the link below to find Environ stockiest in South Africa:

NB: Environ is NOT sold online as a professional Environ specialist needs to assist you with the use of the Environ skin care range according to your concerns.


Environ Skin Care
Environ Revival Masque “Facelift In A Jar”

With the use of these outstanding Environ skin products, granted my skin looks more even and any dark pigmentation and freckles are noticeably lighter.
Whilst effectively targeting my pigmentation spots – fine lines became more plumped and almost non – detectable.
Without doubt, I’m adding the Revival Masque – which is referred to as a “facelift in a jar” to my daily skin care regimen with it’s multitude of benefits, as it’s considerably helped fade pigmentation and improve the overall look and supple feel of my skin.
Environ beauty products are of a high standard, well formulated to target skin care concerns.

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