Capsule Wardrobe: One Basic Black Dress With Six Different Styles

Elevate your style by pairing that casual little black dress in your wardrobe with the correct outerwear, shoes, handbag and accessories and Viola! You are on your way to creating an exquisite capsule closet with versatile pieces of clothing.

I dressed a basic black dress in six different ways – with what I had in my wardrobe – watch this quick video to find out how.

Basic Black Dress
Basic Black Dress

The Looks I Created: 

  1. Casual: A denim jacket and white sneakers
  2. Trend: The trend at the moment is snakeskin; I paired shoes and a clutch, which is perfect for a night out.
  3. Corporate: Pair a blazer with pencil heels to complete this look.
  4. Desi: Of course I created a Desi inspired look by wearing Jhumka earrings, bangles and matching a scarf and eastern bag.
  5. Cool & Comfy: Perfect for just hanging out with sneakers, a backpack and cap.
  6. Travel Outfit: Pair sandals and a hat.

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A capsule wardrobe helps you shop the key pieces every closet needs and uses your creativity out together that perfect outfit.
As seen in the above video, one capsule classic little black dress has a multitude of ways to wear it.
Since identifying capsule clothing in my wardrobe, I’ve made better use of my clothes subsequently, I dress better and shop smarter.

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5 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe: One Basic Black Dress With Six Different Styles

  1. I would defs wear casual! I’d add hoops and opt for a more oversized denim jacket and a Nike fanny pack. Suits my username (kwarlity) as it’s quality-durh- yet unique

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