2019 Fashion Trends Inspired By Feminism

Shimmering in on the catwalks from New York To Paris, this fashion week season are the latest trends for 2019.
If anything, the bountiful of 2019 fashion wear depicts the year of women in 2018 – bountiful means inclusion, equality and diversity – yes, there’s enough for everyone.
Trendy clothes from the 1980’s have made a comeback, from bohemian to extraterrestrial, the only difference this 2019 is that women are prepared to implement high fashion and apply these latest clothing trends to everyday wear, since we are done with playing it safe or being careful, heck we determine our own rules, granted, these 2019 loud and proud trends are the rules we are willing to live by.

Here are a few of the 2019 Fashion Trends Inspired By Feminism, but what’s even better is that I have featured your favourite South African bloggers and influencers for each trend who inspire me on topics related to fashion, makeup and just this daily affair called life.

  1. Neon

This latest fashion trend is too loud to ignore.

Sashena Ramparsad Neon
Sashena Ramparsad takes the regular “FRIENDS” Tee and adds neon to elevate her street style

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  1. Animal Print

By no means one of the new fashion trends, this year, animal print, from leopard to snake skin prints in different colors are a staple for your wardrobe.

Yulisha MUA Animal Print
Yulisha looking oh so elegant in animal print

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  1. Girly

A feminist can be as girly as she chooses to be.

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  1. Bold

From ruffles, print, and color – current fashion has bold detail.

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  1. Metallic

New fashion style is all about metallic as it adds pizzazz to any outfit and instantly elevates a safe look to ass – kicking trendy.

Sheena D wearing a foil top and metallic skirt
Sheena D wearing a foil top and metallic skirt

Fashion and style go hand in hand as current fashion trends are vast and inclusive – there’s something for everyone or every mood you so choose to depict.
In essence, 2019 is about experimenting and finding your truly unique sense of style as anything goes.

Mimi Naidoo as pictured below has impeccable street suave, matching her unique staye sense with the latest trends so effortlessly.

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Today’s fashion trends are an extension of your voice and as women our voices resonate the feminist movement and now the latest styles echo that.

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