Hair Accessory Trends To Complete Your OOTD

How does a new hairstyle everyday sound?
Like work?

It doesn’t need to be, with such a large inclusion this 2019 of trending hair accessories, you will find one to suit every outfit or undesirable hair days with charming convenience.

Here are three stylish hair accessories you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe:

  1. Hair Clips & Hair Barrettes:

Decorative hair clips adds a classy touch to any hairstyle.

Trending Hair Accessories

Styling Tip: If an outfit might be a bit risky – put on a few hairclips, style your hair to one side and you’re ready to step out!

  1. Scrunchies & Bows

This was the lone hair accessory trend for 2018 – however, this 2019 scrunchies are back with variety. added in for good measure, not just in colors, but also fabrics, sizes and styles, like the one I’m wearing from Cotton On below that has a bow attached to it.

Trending Hair Accessories
Scrunchie With Bow Detail: Cotton On

Styling Tip: Whimsical finesse is what defines the scrunchie and is the ultimate in cute hair accessories. Pair your scrunchie with a ponytail, a plait, or an Arianda Grande half up hairstyle for heightened style.

  1. The Headband

Super chic, the hair band trend proves it’s not just convenient for those days without enough time to style, set or wash your hair.

Trending Hair Accessories

Styling Tip: I love adding bold earrings and playing with different winged eyeliners to add that extra glam.

Fashion is not mainstream and definitely not boring as these latest hair accessories suggest. Embrace this trend to include flair to your outfit; needless to say, don’t leave home without a hair accessory on.

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