Dubai Lookbook: Outfits To Wear In Dubai

My general rule of thumb when traveling is comfort: from shoes to vacation outfits – including my makeup and accessories – all need to be comfortable to wear, easy to pack and versatile.

Whenever I book a vacation, I always plan my outfits in advance.

Having previously travelled to Dubai – I had experience with what I could and should not wear, which helped in the planning of my outfits to wear in Dubai.

In this blog post, you will find my curated Dubai lookbook and what to wear in Dubai.

What Can Women Wear In Dubai?

The Dubai dress code is quite liberal, unless too extreme, anything goes, from shorts, to sleeveless tops.
Even bikinis on the beach are allowed, however the Dubai dress code suggests a cover-up is needed whilst at walkways and beach restaurants.
A suggestion is to always carry a scarf should you require it for certain areas, though there is no strict Dubai dress code for female tourists.


Checking the weather is essential when planning your vacation wardrobe.
Dubai is a dessert with soaring heat. On my first vacation to Dubai, I opted for pastel colors for my Dubai holiday clothes – which was not a good idea. Sweat patches are not ideal and is inevitable due to the extreme heat.
The only color I vowed to wear on my next Dubai vacation is white – it’s a color that does not absorb heat, and your sweat patches would not be visible.
Needless to say, I invested in the best antiperspirant – the one that you could skip a day. I would suggest, if you are in Dubai during their summertime, you apply this everywhere, not just your underarms!
This previous trip to Dubai was much cooler – Dubai’s “winter” – however still not jacket worthy. Though there were cloudy days, it was still humid. On any of my travels to Dubai – I have never made use of a jacket.


With regards to shoes, I always pack one pair of versatile, high heels for a night out. Sneakers are a must for sightseeing additionally, I still love my slides – which are highly functional, yet trendy for touring around cities.
Undoubtedly, when in Dubai, flops aren’t exactly the go to for comfy shoes – rather stick to slides, which are a bit more fashionable. Flops felt a bit underdressed. Dubai women turn up the glam, even for a trip to the mall and tourists follow suit.


I rarely wear my accessories on a day-to-day basis at home.
On the contrary, when I travel, I pair accessories for every outfit.
This completes your outfit and elevates basic holiday clothing to a refined and fashionable chic.

What I Wore:

Look 1: Airport

Active wear is my staple for airports, moreover long flights as its uber comfortable.

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

Look 2:

I always pack one versatile pair of heels and one dressy outfit.

Dubai What To Wear

Look 3:

Sightseeing attire needs to be comfortable, yet still stylish.

I opted for a two-piece set for the La Mer beach, which I could mix and match the top and skirt separately for a multitude of outfits if I needed to.

Dubai What To Wear

Leggings are a staple for any vacation – which you can also use for airport wear.

Dubai What To Wear

A simple top with ruffle detail is what I chose for sightseeing – I love taking wardrobe basics and selecting items with a bit of a glam detail to heighten my look – yet not look overdressed whilst traveling – a style tip I stole from fashion icon Rihanna.

Dubai What To Wear

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Overall, for any vacation, I suggest making use of versatile items that can progress from day to night wear or mix and match outfits and ensure that your shoes are comfortable to walk with – it’s an effortless way to look stylish when traveling.

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