Beauty Product Review: The Purely Pampering Dove Body Wash Range

With winter around the corner, I can already feel the drying effects of the colder weather on my skin.
During this time of year, skincare is especially important, not just for your face, but also for your body – hydration and moisture is essential.

I’m specifically particular about the type of body wash I use – as aromatic, excessive scents are harsh for your skin.

Dove Purely Pampering

Furthermore, I have particularly itchy skin on my arms during colder, drier seasons, therefore the body washes I use are boring and don’t provide any pampering, indulgent effects as I desire – these types tend to cause the least irritation to my skin.

When Rubybox recommended Dove to me as part of their #PurelyPampering Dove campaign I was curious as well as hopeful to try it out.
Dove is a leading beauty company and many of their products have high rated reviews – so I needed to try it out for myself.

Initial Reaction:

Naturally, I gravitated toward the Dove coconut milk and jasmine petals variation, as I’m obsessed with the hydrating properties and warm scent of coconut.

Upon receiving the package – the aromatics were pungent and relaxing – which I was a bit weary of and hoped it wouldn’t be too harsh on my skin – though I did love the luxuriating scent.
When I used the Dove purely pampering body wash for the first time, I found that my skin wasn’t irritated by the rich scents additionally, my arms did not feel itchy as it usually does later on in the day – which is the ultimate winner for me.
Using it felt indeed pampering, with extra bubbles for that refined in shower indulgence.
After just one wash, my skin felt moisturized and soft to the touch.

Key Ingredients:

This Dove pampering body wash boasts Nutrium Moisture – a technology infused in the wash for softer and smoother skin even after one wash.

There are two variants of the body wash

  • Dove Shea butter and Warm Vanilla
  • Dove Coconut Milk and Jasmine Pearls


The creamy feel of the wash feels luxurious and nourishing so much so that I decided to skip applying a lotion after my shower in order to test if my skin would feel itchy and dry – instead, it felt nourished which is especially helpful on rushed mornings – you could unapologetically skip body cream.

Dove Retails For:

This Dove cream wash is available in size 250ml for R39,99


  • Soft, nourished skin
  • Scents do not irritate the skin
  • Continued use results in nourished, healthy looking skin.


I’m so ecstatic that RubyBox recommended this product to me, just in time for winter – I’ve finally found an indulgent, richly scented body wash that maintains and promotes healthy skin with each wash.

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Dove Purely Pampering 1


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