Beauty Treatment Review: Lash Lift With The Brow Architect

Wake up looking like a goddess and save a few minutes on your morning makeup routine with a simple procedure offered by The Brow Architect– the premium lash and brow studio located at Clearwater Mallin Roodepoort, Johannesburg.
This is also the preferred beauty treatment for those who require a break from eyelash extensions or fancy a more natural lash look.

Here is a detailed look into the eyelash lift, also referred to as a lash perm.

Lash Lift At The Brow Architect In Clearwater Mall
Lash Lift At The Brow Architect In Clearwater Mall


I have a lush set of lashes on the contrary; they are light, short and straight, therefore not visible even with mascara and an eyelash curler.
However, after the lash lift, an eyelash curling treatment, my eyes appeared bigger and my lashes are now visible, thicker and have a “doll like” effect, which I love.
This treatment is essentially a lash lift perm for your eyelashes.

Lash Lift Prices At The Brow Architect:

Lash lift cost – R600 – 00
Lash lift and tint– R650 – 00

Pre Lash Lift:

Don’t wear makeup to your appointment, as your makeup needs to be removed before beginning the procedure especially mascara and other eye makeup.
Chat to your therapist about the type of curl you want – The Brow Architect is the only lash and brow studio that offers you a C, L or U curl option– with C being the lash lift with the most curl – this is the one I did as it was my first lash lift.

C curl: Totally curled lashes
L curl: straight with a slight curl
U curl: an in-between C and L curl.

The Lash Lift Treatment:

There are four steps in total for the lash lift procedure with a total duration of 45 minutes.

Watch the video below for the full process explained by a lash expert from The Brow Architect:

Lash Lift Aftercare:

In order to mantain lasting results, eyelash perm aftercare is essential. Take care not to wet your eyelashes for 24 hours and no makeup is to be used for 48 hours.
Don’t use an eyelash curler after your treatment.
A keratin eyelash serum is also recommended as aftercare for your lashes available at The Brow Architect.


 A trained professional beauty therapist needs to perform this procedure as you can pick up an eye infection if the tools used are not sterilized and clean.
Your eyes can burn if care is not taken during the procedure.


  • Your lashes instantly look luscious and fuller
  • You can ditch your eyelash curler
  • Results last up to 8 to 12 weeks
  • With the application of mascara – it looks as if you have fake lashes on


  • It’s a long procedure (but you can nap while you have it done)

Would I do it again?

This is a treatment I would highly recommend – it compliments your face even when you are not wearing makeup, when you apply mascara it looks as if you have false lashes.
Your eyes look bigger and your makeup looks complete.
Lash perms are a desirable break from eyelash extensions – something that not everyone is comfortable with and has a natural look – add mascara to your newly lifted lashes for a wow effect!

Lash Lift Results At The Brow Architect
Lash Lift Results At The Brow Architect


The eyelash perm compliments your overall beauty routine and assists with a speedier makeup application, as you don’t need to curl your eyelashes.

Now that I love my eyelashes, I’m having fun playing around with mascaras, let me know your recommendations below and I’ll be sure to do reviews.

For your total lash lift transformation contact The Brow Architect.

Follow The Brow Architect:
Tel:  087 236 6474
Address: Clearwater Mall, Shop 094, Entrance 3, Cnr Hendrik Potgieter & Christiaan De Wet Road

Other branches:
KwaZulu Natal
508 Lilian Ngoyi Road, Morningside, Durban
Phone: 031 303 1024

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