How To Successfully Subscribe To Boxycharm in South Africa

Boxycharm recently celebrated their sixth year anniversary – I cannot believe I’ve taken this long to subscribe to this makeup subscription box.

If you are a makeup and beauty addict like myself, you would have come across a multiple of “charmers” displaying their high-end makeup and beauty products from Boxycharm all over the gram and various Boxycharm reviews.

But alas, there is a way to ship this Boxycharm subscription all the way to South Africa and this blog explains how.

I also reveal the contents of my first two Boxycharm boxes, including common problems you may encounter when shipping your box to South Africa and how to avoid them.

Boxycharm Reviews

So, in short, Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box that helps you expand your makeup and skincare collection at only $21 a month. It’s a box full of makeup and includes 4 – 5 full sized, high-end beauty products – a combination of makeup and skincare, all from popular cosmetic and beauty brands.

How To Successfully Subscribe To Boxycharm:

This is how you can successfully subscribe to this monthly makeup box in South Africa.

Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  1. Sign up To Aramex Global Shopper (AGS):

You have two options when signing up: AGS Flex or AGS Basic.

Opt for AGS flex which is only R1500 – 00 for a full year subscription.

With AGS Flex you pay R199 – 00 per month for your box.

If you sign up for AGS basic your payment per box depends on the weight of the box which can be between R199 to R299 per box – read here:

  1. Now Sign Up to Boxycharm:

This link is my referral code, which earns me charms for every referral, or alternatively you can use my code when signing up: Sheena-UAEMLUDB

Charms are basically points you can earn as a Boxycharm subscriber, which you can redeem in the “charm room” – which is Boxycharms online shopping portal.

The subscription is $21 (about R315 – 00) per month, on the site you will find other options you could choose, for example a once off three month subscription for $59 which saves you $4.

Therefore, with AGS and Boxycharm in total, this monthly makeup subscription will set you back about R514 – 00 per month, which is a real steal for a beauty box.

  1. Address Field On Boxycharm:

For the address field use the New York, USA address found on AGS under My Addresses here:

  1. How To Correctly Add Your Account Number:

 It’s extremely important that you use your account number allocated to you by AGS in the name field.

Use the first letters of your surname followed by your account number. You do not need to insert your full surname (this will not work, especially if you have a long surname like I do)


Name: Jess Bev / JNB 00000
Address Line1: 182-21 150th Avenue
City: Springfield Gardens
State: NY
Zip Code: 11413
Tel: 718-553-8740

And you are all set – your box of beauty is on its way!

Subscription Box:

Boxycharm Reviews

Upon subscribing, please note that you will not receive that month’s box – there’s a box called “new subscriber box” for new subscribers and that’s the box you will receive. You will be charged $21 upon subscribing and then again on the first of the next month and every month on the first thereafter of $21 for your monthly box.
For example, if you subscribe today being the 23rd May 2019 – you will be charged $21 today (for your new subscription box) and then $21 again on the 1st of June (for your monthly box).

Here is what I received in my “New Subscriber Box”

There are variations of this box and you might receive something different. Overall, I loved this box, there were highly rated products as well as some of my favourite brands. There was just one product that I was not happy with.
The products in the box totaled $146 and cost me $21

May 2019 Boxycharm Box:

Boxycharm Reviews

Each box has a theme and this month’s theme was “Make Waves”
This box included:

There is also an option to subscribe to Boxyluxe which is the same concept, but more – you will receive products worth $250 dollars – you just pay $28,99 in addition to the $21 so $49,99 in total.
See more about Boxyluxe here:

Common Problems When Shipping Boxycharm & How To Avoid Them:

There can be a few problems with getting your box in time, here are some handy tips:

  • Save your initial invoice you receive from Boxycharm – you will need to send this every month to ARAMEX so your parcel can be cleared from customs – don’t delay doing this.
  • If there are any aerosols in your Boxycharm – it will be held back at customs until you ask for it to be removed, if you don’t remove it from the box, customs will destroy the box. Send an email to Boxycharm to ensure that you do not receive aerosols. Email:
  • To avoid paying hefty penalties to customs, sign up as an importer at SARS as soon as possible. This won’t cost you anything. Click on this link from AGS which informs you on what is required by SARS when you do sign up:—Importers-Code
  • If any of the products in your Boxycharm are broken, Boxycharm will replace it, however, ensure that you ask them to include the item in your next box and not to send it separately or else you will pay shipping costs for that one product. Boxycharm email:

Overall, AGS timeously ships your box to South Africa – this can take up to three days. Once in South Africa, it has to be cleared through customs.
My first box took a week and my second box took three weeks to be delivered.
Have patience, customs as you know is an extremely busy department and AGS will ensure that you receive your box eventually. You can contact AGS directly if you have any enquires and they are always willing to help. Email:

I’ve had serious FOMO with regards to Boxycharm and with just two boxes in, I’m thrilled that I’ve subscribed. Boxycharm is one of the perfect monthly subscription boxes for women, it’s like a gift to yourself every month or like a dash to Sephora – which unfortunately we don’t have in South Africa, furthermore it’s rated as one of the best beauty boxes.

The Boxycharm beauty box is the perfect way to stay on trend with makeup and skincare and build your makeup collection to the max without breaking the bank.

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8 thoughts on “How To Successfully Subscribe To Boxycharm in South Africa

    1. Hi – customs don’t apply to a Boxycharm base box as it’s under R500.
      However for Boxyluxe and Boxy Premium customs do apply if you subscribe to these additionals at 45% of the cost.


  1. Hi Sheena! How exactly do you know how much the box is going to weigh to input it into AGS?
    Also, it says on the Boxycharm website that it costs $25 not $21 so i think customs is going to apply since its over R500 😦


    1. Hi Tasneem, yes the rate has since increased to when I wrote this blog post – I will update it.
      You only know the weight of the box as when Aramex adds it on to your account – I have weighed the boxes when I did receive it from Aramex and it was accurate. Unfortunately you cannot get the weight beforehand. Hope that helps


    1. Hi, Boxycharm always emails you an invoice which you should keep till you get your box. If you don’t have it, email boxycharm – they effiecient and will email you your latest invoice.


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