An Effective Dry Skin Remedy: Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel Review

#ThePowerOfDrySkinGel campaign promoted by Beauty Bulletin couldn’t have come at a better time. Autumn brings colder and drier temperatures, causing a tight, itchy and dry feeling to my skin – whilst there are various products available for dehydrated face care, there aren’t a multitude of options for body care without parabens, or heavy scents, specifically for sensitive skin. The Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel, which is essentially a gel moisturizer for dry skin, ticks all of these boxes and naturally I needed to try it.

Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel
Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel

Bio Oil known for its revolutionary oil for scars and stretch marks, have released a new product after thirty years specifically for dry skin sufferers.


  • Provides instant relief to dry skin
  • A treatment over long – term to reverse the damages of dry skin
  • Keeps skin nourished


Packaged in convenient tubs, the jelly like substance is light pink in colour and has a light glycerin aroma.
The gel for dry skin is easy to pick up from the tub to apply to areas of concern and feels completely moisturizing.

Key Ingredients:

The formulation of this gel emphasizes that water based creams are of no benefit to your skin as water evaporates when applied to skin and is not absorbed, therefore Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel is oil based specifically to condition dehydrated skin and lock in moisture – it boasts that is has 100% active ingredients, therefore only what works for the skin.


The oil based formula works with your skin to lock in moisture and prevents water loss.

Hydration in the form of water intake is the only way you can moisture your skin and the Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel uses it’s oil base to ensure this moisture is locked in as lost water from your skin is the cause of dry skin.

Ease Of Use:

I used the Bio Dry Skin Gel for two weeks, morning and evening and found a multitude of benefits: my skin’s dryness improved additionally my skin felt softer and looked healthier.
The substance is greasy and therefore does take some time to absorb into the skin, which is the only inconvenience, however your skin does not look oily once absorbed.

Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel

How To Use:

I ensured that I drank two liters of water daily during the use of this gel.
I also found, that even though the formula said it does not clog your pores, I did feel as if certain areas of my skin felt congested with constant application so I opted to use it in the evenings only.
After two weeks I found that my dry heels improved and felt softer, my completion looked brighter and pigmentation looked lighter – I did not use it on my face but only on my body.
I now only use the Bio Dry Skin Gel once a week after a full body exfoliation or if I have longer, warmer showers, it feels indulgent and luxurious immediately after an exfoliation, perfect for a self – care pamper session.
Before sleeping, I also use it on my hands and feet again to ensure maximum nourishment on these areas of concern, during the colder seasons.


50ml Retails from R47.99
100ml retails from R88.00

Where Can I Buy Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel?

Available at Dischem, Clicks and Takealot

A little goes a long way – as this is an oil-based substance, you only need to use a tiny amount for a full body application even for very dry skin.


  • Instant relief from dry skin and extremely dry skin
  • Long term use relieves dry skin and reveals softer, smoother skin
  • Suited to sensitive skin or dry, itchy skin


  • Does leave an oily residue upon application, takes about ten minutes to absorb the product.
  • Personally, using it too often felt as if my skin was congested
  • No SPF – not ideal for daytime use


I love that your skin absorbs the gel; you can see the product working and not evaporating and results are immediate, it’s the most effective dry skin remedies with long-term relief.
The bio oil dry skin gel is perfect for autumn and winter when we tend to take longer showers, spend time around heaters and drier weather conditions which is especially not beneficial to your skin. This product reverses any dehydrating effects and helps renew your skin to reveal nourished and healthy looking skin.

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