Kryolan Foundation Review: Ultra Foundation

This is the third part of my weekly series of foundation reviews; today’s blog post is everything you need to know about the Kryolan Ultra Foundation a cream base which exceeds coverage expectations that its even used for corrective coverage yet the formula is light enough for everyday use.

The Kryolan cosmetics brand is synonymous with the film, television and theatre industry and can be found in any professional makeup kit. A number of my readers wanted to know details about this Kryolan base in particular, so I’ve put it to the test for two weeks.

Here is my honest Kryolan foundation review of the Kryolan Ultra Foundation:

Kryolan Ultra Foundation


  • Provides full coverage and corrective coverage
  • cream finish (Although it says matte, it didn’t feel too matte to me.)

Key Ingredients:

Kryolan products are tested by dermatologists with ingredients that are non – comedogenic  – meaning that it does not have ingredients that can cause clogged pores resulting in breakouts, additionally; this formula is also oil free.

Even though the ultra foundation is classified as a matte foundation, it felt more creamy than matte and did not dry my skin, instead my skin felt hydrated.


I’m currently using shade LO – which I was quite skeptical about initially due to my yellow undertone as the base looked too brown, therefore I bought a tester size to try out first for just R109 – 00.

The color is a bit dull for my yellow toned skin, however, paired with the Kryolan “yellow” powder in TL4 – which brightened up my complexion; it was the perfect shade match.

There are 24 Kryolan foundation shades available in this foundation range in South Africa and more colours are available overseas. It’s imperative to relay your foundation concerns when purchasing your shade, my number one concern being dull looking skin or too much of a brown undertone.

The formula is easy to apply and only a minute amount is required, and a little extra for maximum coverage, which is 100% effective – therefore no concealer is needed. Careful application looks natural.

My pores were not visible with the application of this foundation, however the foundation does accentuate my under eye wrinkles, especially after the powder is applied – my solution is applying a face oil just under my eye area before I apply my primer and it looks flawless without the lines being visible.

My face began to shine in areas after three to four hours of application, so regular touch ups are essential, however the makeup did not move or shift and touch ups did not cause a build up of the makeup or caking effect.

I wouldn’t suggest this Kryolan foundation for oily skin.

Kryolan Ultra Foundation Price:

15g Retails for R437 – 00
3g refill retails forR109 – 00
Kryolan Ultra foundation palette 12 colors of 3g refills retails for R1 416 – 00

Visit the Kryolan website for more Kryolan base palette prices to build your Kryolan makeup kit

Where To Buy Kryolan Makeup:

Available at Kryolan stores:

Buy Kryolan online:


It’s Essential to use a water-based primer and not a silicone-based primer with the Kryolan Ultra Foundation, as using the incorrect primer will result in the foundation caking and moving.


  • Perfect coverage
  • Foundation shades are available in 24 colours
  • Does not oxidize
  • Budget friendly as a little goes a long way – 15g can last up to two years and would probably expire before the product is finished.
  • Easy to blend
  • Non – comedogenic
  • Cruelty free
  • No flashback


  • Not for long wear – use mattifying paper for touch ups after 4 hours
  • No SPF
  • A bit dull for yellow undertones


My skin is prone to freckles in unflattering places; therefore this foundation is perfect for my needs in terms of coverage.

It’s also perfect for everyday use and unlike my other foundations where a bottle could last me less than a month, it’s impossible to get through a 15g Kryolan Ultra Foundation in a year for everyday at home application – if you are, you are probably using way too much.
Additionally, I love that it keeps my skin hydrated yet isn’t oily.

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