Drugstore Cosmetic Brand Review: Wet N Wild Beauty

The beauty community is forever expanding with an unlimited supply of makeup products and with such a broad range of makeup available, how do you keep ahead of it all?
Well, with makeup addicts like myself, who want to get their hands on everything that’s recommended and also find my own gems as I explore.

My obsession with cosmetics began when I visited Paris and was introduced to a vast selection of drugstore and high end brands – a few of which are sold in South Africa and to think I had no idea these products were so effective!

With my ever-expanding makeup collection, I’ve decided to explore some of South Africa’s top rated drugstore cosmetic brands as my latest weekly series of drugstore brand reviews.

To kick – off my drugstore cosmetic brand review, I begin with Wet N Wild Beauty – a cosmetic brand that’s always ahead of the trends and constantly reinventing their brand, yet still keeping affordability as a key focus of the brand.

Wet N Wild Beauty Review


As one of the cosmetic brands at the forefront of affordability, Wet N Wild cosmetics does not compromise on delivering effective makeup and is one of the leading drugstore cosmetic brands.


Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick

There has been much hype around the Liquid Catsuit Lipstick, I finally bought one, in the shade Cedar Latte and instantly fell in love with it, initially impressed that for a drugstore lippie it didn’t feel tacky and rather nourishing, now I’m hooked!

Wet N Wild Magaglo

Another Wet and Wild makeup product that has received great reviews is the Wet and Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder, however, I found this Wet N Wild highlighting powder chalky and not to my liking.

Wet N Wild Photofocus Liquid Foudation

⇒ The Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation is also one of the most talked about drugstore foundations with medium coverage – I’ve yet to try this foundation, but have seen videos about how effective it is for everyday use.

An interesting fact is that a Wet N Wild Kohl eyeliner is sold every twenty seconds. This eyeliner is dramatic as kohl should be and highly pigmented.


Wet N Wild is a cruelty free brand even though there has recently been negative press around this as the brand has entered the China market. However, Wet N Wild claims that they are still cruelty free as China no longer requires cosmetics to be tested on animals.

Wet N Wild has an array of beauty products at affordable prices – it’s the perfect range to use if:

  • you are new to makeup, the perfect gift for a teenager experimenting with makeup
  • on a budget, affordability is key for this cosmetic company
  • enjoy trying new trends in makeup before investing in high end products
  • If like me, just love makeup and enjoy a good quality product that works and keen to grow your makeup collection

Their makeup is presented in neat, mainly black and clear packaging, their Wet and Wild palette and blush packaging are not the prettiest and are quite fragile – I’ve broken a few, however the Catsuit lipstick range will look lovely on any vanity as well as their pretty pink and white Wet & Wild makeup brushes.

Every so often, Wet N Wild brings a limited edition series to South Africa that are always fun and attractive to add to your makeup collection.
Have a look at how gorgeous the Wet and Wild makeup brush sets are:


Where To Buy Wet N Wild Makeup:

 Wet & Wild cosmetics are exclusively available in Clicks stores in South Africa:

Buy Wet N Wild makeup online: https://www.clicks.co.za

The international site has a vast selection of products that look beautiful and sets I would definitely like to add to my makeup collection, I wish Wet N Wild South Africa would bring more of these products here but I’m definitely considering buying some items from their international site.


My Recommendations:

I’ve tried an array of the Wet N Wild products, here are my recommendations:

  • Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Palette R79 – 95

“Stop Ruffling My Feathers”– this is a limited edition item so if you like a subtle shimmer look, I suggest you hurry and purchase this palette while you can. The pigment in this palette is light with just enough shimmer for daytime wear, perfect for the office.

  • Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick R99 – 95

I had high expectations for this lipstick and they were met, I’m definitely purchasing a Catsuit in every color that appeals to me. I also recommend this for daytime wear. The lipstick also lasts for about four hours before it fades.

  • Wet N Wild Photofocus Stick Foundation R99 – 00

Wet N Wild Photofocus Stick Foundation

Of course I’m going to include a full Wet N Wild Foundation Review in my foundation series review. For me, this crème foundation is a dupe for the Smashbox liquid foundation – even though one is a liquid and the other is a stick – the finish is the same. However, unlike the Smashbox range, I had a better color match with Wet and Wild products. I love this stick and have added it to my foundation collection. It’s maximum coverage and quick and easy to apply, perfect for those rushed mornings.


  • Affordable
  • Varied range of products


  • Lightly pigmented
  • Not all day wear


Overall, I enjoy wearing Wet N Wild makeup for an everyday, soft yet put together look and I will definitely be adding more products to build my Wet N Wild makeup set.

Wet N Wild Wishlist:

 Here is a list of recommended Wet N Wild cosmetics on my wish list I’m looking forward to trying, I will also be adding the one’s I love to my social media feed, so be sure to follow me to stay updated

  1. Matte Catsuit Lipstick
  2. Wet N Wild Natural Finish Setting Spray
  3. Makeup Sponges

Follow Wet N Wild Beauty South Africa:
Website: https://www.wetnwildbeauty.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wetnwildsouthafrica/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wetnwildsouthafrica/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wetnwildbeauty

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