6 Most Insta-Worthy Bars In The US

In the age of Instagram, it’s no longer enough just to sit and have a drink or a cocktail in a bar, is it? 

These days, with social media very much to the fore, we want to chart our adventures and share them with the world to spread the message and the excitement we have for where we are going to drink. 

Instagram Bars US

Unsurprisingly, New York is the kingpin when it comes to the most Instagrammed photos in the United States of America, with all its famous landmarks regularly appearing on feeds across the world. 

With that in mind, we have put together a list of the six most Insta-worthy bars in the US for you to drink in. But before you do, check out Ben Groundwater’s blog post for 1Cover on the dos and dont’s of visiting the United States – because in the current climate, he recommends not talking politics when you sit at a bar! Enjoy. 

Instagram US Bars


This opulent, fun and visually wonderful bar is very much your one-stop-shop for a night out in the Big Apple. With fish ponds, restaurants, bars, night clubs, beautiful lighting and historic sculptures, this is a place that is just perfect for those of you wanting to Instagram your every move on a night out. 


Los Angeles is a city already firmly in the grip of an Instagram revolution, but not many places are quite as spectacular as Perch. Downtown LA is enjoying a renaissance of late, with some of the oldest buildings in the city making a comeback and getting a new lease of life. Perch is, as the name suggests, perched on the very top of one such building, with a roof garden that boasts some of the best views in the city. You will not be disappointed. Neither will your followers on Insta. 

Instagram Bars 2


Who doesn’t love Miami? The weather, the architecture, the beaches and the beautiful people. Sugar Factory brings all that together in one place. It does have locations in other parts of the US, but the Miami Sugar Factory has the distinct advantage of being on the beach and when it comes to Instagram, that means bonus points. 


The ‘real America’ is unlikely to be found in the hip bars of New York, Los Angeles and Miami. If you want to get a taste of the Lone Star State, then head to Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth, not far from Dallas, Texas. The food is hot and fresh, the drinks are plentiful and there are dozens of bars, serving drinks all night long. There is an indoor bucking broncho, lots of live music and country singers – and plenty of things to point your camera at. You can’t not have a good time at Billy Bob’s. We promise. 


Originality isn’t easy to find on Instagram, but if you want something a little bit different then go to Beauty and Essex in New York City to find something really unique. The first challenge is to find it. You can only get into this incredible place via a secret entrance. To find that, you have to find the door that is hidden in a pawn shop. But if you do pass the test and find your way here, you will find a myriad of incredible photo opportunities and a great night out. Good luck. 


This is the perfect place to watch the sun go down over New York City and that makes it uber Instagram friendly. Enjoy the views, grab a mojito and snap away at a view that is world-famous for good reason.

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