Improve Pigmentation and Even Out Skin Tone With Collagen Lift Paris, Luminous Gold  – Drinkable Collagen Review

A popular French collagen drink in South Africa, Collagen Lift Paris reviews promises this drinkable collagen delivers on it’s promise of increased collagen production, resulting in plumper skin, reduced cellulite and additional benefits associated with amino acid and collagen inclusion to your daily dietary consumption.

Collagen Lift Paris

With personal outstanding results from the Red Carpet range from Collagen Lift Paris, I was delighted when I received a second press drop with the latest range  – Luminous Gold that has all the benefits of Collagen, but with the inclusion of Glutathione and Golden Fern, resulting in additional benefits of an even skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation.
This is something I needed, as Indian skin is prone to pigmentation and each time I had a breakout it would leave scarring and take about six full weeks to disappear – I was curious to see if Collagen Paris Lift Luminous Gold would help my skin care concerns.

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Collagen Uses:

  • Evens out skin tone
  • Aids in lightening pigmentation
  • Decreases wrinkles
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Hydrates skin
  • Restores plumpness
  • Perfect for Spring and Summer as it protects your skin from UVA & UVB damage

Additional benefits of collagen include: assisting with joint pain, builds muscle and burns fat.


The thick brown collagen liquid is found in the white ampoules, which you mix with water for your collagen drink. Once diluted with water, the drink tastes like apple juice and is easy to consume.

Key Ingredients:

  • Golden Fern: Provides protection against sun damage
  • Glutathione: A powerful antioxidant
  • Vitamin E: Reduces collagen breakdown for amplified collagen absorption.

Collagen Lift Paris


With the use of Collagen Lift Paris “Red Carpet” my skin was already in good condition however, the only concern was pigmentation on my face from previous breakouts, sun damage and eczema on my face and body. I began using the Luminous Gold edition from Collagen Lift Paris and after four weeks, I noticed a visible difference on the pigmentation on my arm area – it was much lighter and not something I needed to cover up anymore.

The most noticeable difference was on my face. Any new breakouts remarkably didn’t lead to pigmentation and if there were new scars it took about a week to disappear. I could now wear lighter coverage foundation and my skin looked even, freckles look less prominent with previous pigmentation diminished. A complete win!

How To Use:

Every morning before breakfast, empty out the contents of the white luminous ampoule into some water or fruit juice for a collagen drink mix, as the liquid is thick in consistency – add water into the ampoule to ensure to you get all the product out. Ensure you drink this on an empty stomach. Results should be seen after three to six weeks.

Collagen Lift Paris Price:

Collagen Lift Paris Luminous Gold R1450 – 00 for 28 ampoules

Where Can I Buy Collagen Lift Paris?

Available at Dischem
Also available online:– for R100 off use code: collagen when checkout, includes free shipping anywhere in South Africa.

Collagen Lift Paris 2

Warnings / Collagen Lift Paris Side Effects:

  • Not to be taken if pregnant, breastfeeding and have iodine intolerance.
  • No known side effects


  • Even skin tone
  • Freckles appear lighter
  • Pigmentation reducing complex
  • Skin is smoother, brighter and hydrated
  • Skin is further protected from UVA & UVB damage


Collagen Lift Paris “Red Carpet” restored radiance and plumpness to my skin moreover, with the continued use of Collagen Lift Paris “Luminous Gold”, I have all the above mentioned benefits with accelerated and additional benefits of: healing of new scarring, even skin tone and lighter pigmentation.

Beauty from within is what Collagen Lift Paris promotes consequently, since I began consuming this brand, I’ve really seen such a vast difference in how what you consume contributes to what you look like, especially the appearance of your skin thus Collagen Lift Paris, for me is the best treatment to reduce pigmentation on your face, better than any cosmetic product. I was going to consume this collagen blend only during winter – but I’m now addicted to how my healthy my skin looks and I’m never going a day without it.

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3 thoughts on “Improve Pigmentation and Even Out Skin Tone With Collagen Lift Paris, Luminous Gold  – Drinkable Collagen Review

    1. Hi Prishie, the colour of your pigmentation changes according to your hormones, while Collagen Luminous might help brighten you, if your hormones are imbalanced it might not help as much. The beat would be to continue with the collagen but also consult your doctor – I hope that helps


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