Dos And Don’ts When Wearing A Jumpsuit For Spring

Although jumpsuits may not be a staple wardrobe item, as it’s not too versatile, it’s uber trendy at the moment, easy to style and a comfortable, elegant wear.

Casual Jumpsuit Outfit

Here are dos and don’ts when wearing a jumpsuit for spring outfit ideas:

  1. Don’t look like you are going on a safari when wearing a jumpsuit (unless you actually are going on a safari) – avoid this by adding heels and save those safari type accessories for other outfits.
  2. Don’t wear a tight jumpsuit. A jumpsuit that is too tight doesn’t look flattering and feels uncomfortable. A size that’s breathable accentuates your curves in all the right places and doesn’t cause those unwanted camel-toe or wedgies.
  3. Don’t wear jackets with sleeved jumpsuits as it can look too bulky and take away from the simplistic elegance of the outfit.
  4. Do add a pop of colour with a stylish or statement handbag.
  5. Do experiment with different waist belts.
  6. Do invest in heels and sneakers which both go well when paired with a jumpsuit.
  7. Do wear seamless undergarments to avoid visible lines.

Jumpsuits cannot be ignored for spring outfits this 2019, I had the best time styling my olive green jumpsuit seen above and look forward to creating more looks with this piece.

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