How To Add Professional Morphe Makeup Brushes To Your Collection Without Breaking The Bank

Since subscribing to Boxycharm – a makeup subscription box – I’ve been on the hunt for similar makeup subscriptions to expand my makeup collection.

I’ve come across a broad range of beauty subscription boxes. One subscription that has stuck though, is the LiveGlam subscription for Morphe brushes, which basically enables makeup enthusiasts to build their professional brush collection without costing a ton.


I’ve been a LiveGlam MorpheMe subscriber for three months now, and this LiveGlam subscription is a subscription that needs to be on your beauty radar.

For my first month’s subscription, I was lucky to receive the Morphe M446 buffer brush, granted this brush changed the way I applied foundation – it’s one of the sought after makeup brushes, without doubt, this buffer brush is worth all the attention it attracts. Other brushes I have received from this LiveGlam subscription have been eyeshadow, highlighter and blush brushes – all of which are of a high quality and revived my makeup game.

General Information

This LiveGlam MorphMe subscription is $19 (about R285), you receive between 3 to 8 makeup brushes, additionally, if you don’t want a particular brush set for that month, you can swap that brush set for other multitude Morphe brush options, easily on the LiveGlam website, if you still unhappy with these options, you can pause your subscription, so you won’t be charged for that month.

The reveal of each brush set goes live on the LiveGlam website on the 23rd of every month, furthermore you can also edit your billing date to suit you.

How To Successfully Subscribe To LiveGlam:

Once subscribed to LiveGlam you can either use your South African address which gets delivered via the South African Post Office (SAPO) or use a courier forwarding company such as Aramex Global Shopper (AGS) to have your goods delivered to you.

Using The South African Postal Service:

  • It can take 2 to 4 months to receive your parcel
  • Affordable: The SAPO charges a carrier fee of R30 – R40
  • If you do use the SAPO a handy contact to have is this email address: Send though full details regarding your package, including your ID number, address and full name and surname, a month after your package has arrived in the country in order to locate it.

Using Aramex Global Shopper:

  • Timeous: Two weeks delivery time (if not stopped at customs)
  • About R200 for shipping charges

I use AGS as I’m still building my makeup brush collection, once I’ve accumulated all the brushes I want, I will probably switch to the post office.

This is how you can successfully subscribe to this monthly makeup box in South Africa.
Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  1. Sign up To Aramex Global Shopper (AGS):

You have two options when signing up: AGS Flex or AGS Basic.

Opt for AGS flex if you are an online shopper regular, it costs R1500 – 00 for a full year subscription.

With AGS Flex you pay R199 – 00 per month for your box.

If you sign up for AGS basic your payment per box depends on the weight of the box which can be between R199 to R299 per box – read here:

  1. Now Sign Up to LiveGlam:

This link is my referral code, which earns me points for every referral and will direct you to the signup page for LiveGlam. Points you can earn can be redeemed on the LiveGlam shop.

There are three subscriptions: LiveGlam MorpheMe (makeup brushes), LiveGlam KissMe (lippie sets) and LiveGlam ShadowMe (eyeshadow palettes).

The subscription is $19 (about R285 – 00) per month, therefore you won’t pay customs as it’s under R500. There are other subscription options (6 months upfront payment etc), however customs will apply for these, as it exceeds R500.

Therefore, with AGS and LiveGlam in total, this monthly makeup subscription will set you back about R485 – 00 per month, which is a real steal for professional makeup brushes as one brush can cost about R250 to R600.

  1. Address Field On LiveGlam:

For the address field use the New York, USA address found on AGS under My Addresses here:

  1. How To Correctly Add Your Account Number:

It’s extremely important that you use your account number allocated to you by AGS in the name field.

Use the first letters of your surname followed by your account number. You do not need to insert your full surname (this will not work, especially if you have a long surname like I do)


Name: Jess Bev / JNB 00000
Address Line1: 182-21 150th Avenue
Address Line2: JNB 65374
City: Springfield Gardens
State: NY
Zip Code: 11413
Tel: 718-553-8740

And you are all set – your box of beauty is on its way!

Once you subscribe you will receive the subscription brushes as advertised on their site for that month.

Here is what I received for my first LiveGlam Morphe Box:

LiveGlam MorpheMe August 2019

  • Morphe M450 used for foundation application
  • Morphe M446 used for blush application
  • Morphe M448 used for highlighter application

Since joining the LiveGlam makeup brush club I’ve subsequently became obsessed with Morphe products and brushes – a premium makeup brand dedicated to quality and result driven innovative products.

Common Problems When Shipping LiveGlam Morphe Brushes And How To Avoid Them:

There can be a few problems with getting your box in time, here handy tips to help:

  • Save your initial invoice you receive from LiveGlam – you will need to send this every month to ARAMEX so your parcel can be cleared from customs – don’t delay doing this.
  • Sign up as an importer at SARS – apparently this helps with speedier service from customs and courier companies. There is no fee for this code application. Click on this link from AGS which informs you on what is required by SARS when you do sign up:—Importers-Code (I, to date have not signed up for an importers code and thankfully haven’t been penalized, I also order and use AGS excessively.)

Overall, AGS timeously ships your box to South Africa – this can take up to three days. Once in South Africa, it has to be cleared through customs.
Have patience, customs as you know is an extremely busy department and AGS will ensure that you receive your box eventually. You can contact AGS directly if you have any enquires and they are always willing to help.

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7 thoughts on “How To Add Professional Morphe Makeup Brushes To Your Collection Without Breaking The Bank

    1. Have you looked into this subscription? I was also considering buying each Morphe brush on its own but this is way lighter on the wallet and you get to play with brushes you wouldn’t necessarily buy every now and then.

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  1. This was so incredibly helpful. I’ve been really apprehensive with ordering internationally because I hear so many customs horror stories but this post really changed my perspective! I love and appreciate how much detail and effort you put into your blogs so we can have the best experiences!

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