Review Of The Morphe 35M Colour Boss Mood Eyeshadow Palette

My first Morphe purchase was the 35M Colour Boss Mood Eyeshadow Palette, which initially caught my attention because of the variety of textures and the sexy simplicity of the colour selection – a versatile palette that’s trendy with suited colours for all year round use.

Read on to find out what my thoughts are on the Morphe Colour Boss eyeshadow palette, if you should add it to your collection and watch a video of an easy look I created using Morphe Boss Mood.

Morphe Cosmetic Boss Colour Mood Eyeshadow Palette


Packaged into the classic Morphe black palette case, which is durable, simplistic and neat, are 35 matte and shimmer shades grouped into similar colour arrangements.

Names of the single eyeshadow colours are written on a separate plastic sheet that is placed inside the palette and not on the palette itself – which keeps the palette looking clean and minimalistic.

Shades & Swatches:

Limes, glitters and neon colours are what attracted me to this palette as those shades are all the trend at the moment, other shades that add to the Boss Mood glam include gold and glitters, including shimmer transitions. I adore this palette simply because each matte colour has a matching shimmer you can use with that matte, if you desire.

My favourite shades include:

  • “Light Of The Party” which I use as a shimmer transition shade
  • “Stroke Of Luck” paired with “Bold Moves” creates a luminous neon pop of colour

Pigment & Textures:

Transfer of pigments of each shade is just enough for a daytime look and buildable for nighttime or an intense colour look.

Each shadow is buttery and soft that makes it super blendable which is great for both beginners and pro makeup artists. Colours of this palette compliment each other and there is an endless possibility of combinations for eyeshadow look exploration.


There is fallout, however ever so subtle, you can still have foundation on when you apply this eyeshadow, just be sure to dust off fallout regularly or use an eyeshadow shield.

A Red Eyeshadow Makeup Look I Created:

Watch this YouTube video of a look I created using red eye makeup to achieve a red smokey eye look, from the Morphe Colour Boss eyeshadow palette and my Morphe makeup brushes from LiveGlam MorpheMe subscription.

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About R480 on CULT BEAUTY

Where To Purchase From:

Available on CULT BEAUTY here:


  • Affordable
  • Blendable
  • Wide selection of colours and textures
  • Colours suited to all seasons, including day and night looks
  • Cruelty Free
  • My eyelids did not get stained with pigment (I always use an eyelid primer)


  • A bit of fallout
  • Morphe is not sold in South Africa, however it can be purchased on local resellers websites or Cult Beauty (ships directly to South Africa and other Morphe retailers).


Overall, I would rate the Morphe Colour Boss Mood eyeshadow palette 8/10 and insist you add this palette to your collection, I always have fun creating looks with this colour range and texture selection and the blendability makes it so easy to play around with. A black shimmer shade is not included in this palette – I feel this would have definitely elevated the palette shade selection to the max if a black shimmer were included.
Although the shades look as if it’s suited more toward autumn/ winter – it’s also perfect for spring / summer and nighttime looks.

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