Skincare Brand: Caymia Natures Skinlife Skincare Review

Caymia is a South African skincare brand founded in 2013, the brands core derives from producing effective formulas for glowing skin without harming the environment thus Cay Mia is cruelty free, non toxic and all natural.

Carefully formulated products to hydrate skin, protect and promote an overall healthy and radiant complexion.

CayMia Skincare

I was gifted a Caymia hamper consisting of the following all natural, non toxic skincare products:

  • Creamy Cleanser Superskin Food
  • Purifying Scrub & Mask Superskin Food
  • The Peel Superskin Food
  • The Toner Superskin Food
  • Eye Serum Superskin Food
  • Ultra 40 Superskin Food Face Moisturiser
  • Absolute Superskin Food Facial Oil


The active ingredient in Cay Mia products is sugar cane, which consists of molecules that are in the result driven formulas of the Cay Mia skincare range.

When using the Caymia products, you are greeted with a pleasant scent, additionally, as you apply each product, instant change to your skins appearance is visable, furthermore the products feel clean yet result driven.

From the first application of this cruelty free natural skincare range you will see that your skin has an all natural glow which lasts throughout the day – this glow is so beautiful you wouldn’t need to wear makeup – with continued use you wakeup with flawless, luminous looking skin all achieved without the inclusion of harsh chemicals both harmful to your skin and the environment, yet with clean ingredients that are effective. 

Pricing & Where To Purchase Caymia

For such optimum results from Caymia  – this skincare range is affordable and I highly recommend you try the full range.

You can purchase Caymia products online here:

Price Breakdown:

Creamy Cleanser Superskin Food R250 – 00
Purifying Scrub & Mask Superskin Food R300 – 00
The Peel Superskin Food R330 – 00
The Toner Superskin Food R200 – 00
Eye Serum Superskin Food R350 – 00
Ultra 40 Superskin Food Face Moisturiser R400 – 00
Absolute Superskin Food Facial Oil R400 – 00

My Recommendations:

  • Toner

I refer to this toner as an instant glow tonic for your face. After toning your skin is instantly refreshed, any dullness is eliminated and you are left with a luminous glow, which will last all day. I love this toner so much, I wish Caymia had a similar essence that I could use throughout the day for an instant refresh.

  • Eye Serum

This eye serum could not have come at a better time. During winter I had the worst time with my makeup around my eye area – it was dehydrated and as a result my makeup crinkled around that area. I spent quite a bit of money on various eye creams that didn’t work, however on the first day of using the Caymia eye serum my makeup settled perfectly around my eye area, with no creasing and no visible wrinkles. I’m addicted to this product and this one will be on my cosmetic shelve all year round.


  • Affordable
  • Result driven
  • Non toxic
  • Cruelty free
  • Perfect for glossy (non oily) glowing skin


  • Only available through the Caymia website


“Cay Mia is the authentic skin care range for glowing results”

If like me, you consider your skincare time a wellness ritual – Caymia is the best cruelty free skincare range to compliment this ritual with. While using this skincare range you can feel its all-natural ingredients work with your skin to produce outstanding results. This skincare range was a much welcome break from my harsher skincare regimen that I usually use – which can leave my skin dehydrated and thus looking dull. With Caymia my skin instantly looked healthier and over time looked glossy and beautiful.

Unfortunately due to my skin being prone to Keratosis Pilaris, I had to revert to my harsher skin care regimen, yet I still use the Cay Mia eye serum and when I take a break from my harsher skincare – which  is important to do – Caymia will be the first skincare range I will reach for as its natural ingredients are not harmful to the skin yet effective.

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