How I Helped My Insomnia Using Oil Science CBD Oil – Product Review

Cannabidiol also known as CBD oil is relatively new to the health and wellness market, it is  a compound which is found in cannabis (hemp / Marijuana) plants and has a lengthy list of benefits for various ailments.

Oil Science is South Africa’s premium supplier of CBD oil products and I recently received a press pack consisting of:

  • Oil Science Premium Oil Drops
  • Oil Science Anti Inflammatory Oil
  • Oil Science CBD Rescue Oil


CBD Oil Uses:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Skin Irritations
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Neurological Ailments
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Controls appetite
  • Stimulates memory


Oil Science products are packaged in aesthetically pleasing glass components for each product.

Key Ingredients:

CBD oil excludes Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which causes the “high” and addictive sensation associated with Cannabis.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp plants.


I’ve had severe insomnia for four years now, consequently, I became accustomed to taking pharmaceuticals which had various side effects and adverse long-term health indications.

On the first day of consuming the CBD Oil drops I had no anxiety before falling asleep moreover, I had a full six hours of sleep. Since consuming CBD Oil, I now sleep for 6 to 8 hours every night and feel well rested in the morning, I would usually not be able to get out of bed due to the prior medication being severe additionally, I would need to consume tons of caffeine to feel normal during the rest of my day.


I’ve been using the CBD drops for two weeks now, and the only regret I have is not finding this effective product earlier. Prior to using the Oil Science CBD Oil I grew depressed due to my constant insomnia – it was so severe that I could not sleep for up to four days at a time ( with naps between one to two hours every other day) and on the fourth day I would always crash, but I never had a deep, relaxed sleep when I did. I struggled to do my day to day activities because of this.

Now, I’m able to function normally and enjoy doing activities that usually felt like a mission to do due to lack of energy and inadequate sleep.

I’ve tried everything from pharmaceuticals to natural pills – both prescription to over the counter. I’m just so relieved that something has finally worked and I look forward to a productive and healthy 2020.

I also used the CBD Oil drops for menstrual cramps which was also effective – I felt as if my cramps almost melted away shortly after consuming the drops – in my opinion, the CBD drops are a better alternative to medications available for the same aliments.

How To Use: 

CBD Oil drops: One to two drops in a glass of water or tea before bedtime for anxiety and insomnia and the same dosage for pain was effective for me – everyone is different and different dosages may apply.

Anti-Inflammatory Oil (roll on) – For skin imperfections or breakouts – to apply on affected areas.

CBD Rescue Gel: To be used on affected areas as desired.


Oil Science CBD Oil Drops: 30ml R695 – 00
Subscription gets you 45% off

CBD Infused Anti – Inflammatory Serum: 10ml R279 – 00
Subscription gets 45% off

CBD Infused Anti – Inflammatory Serum: 10ml for R279 – 00
Subscription gets you 45% off

Where Can I Buy Oil Science CBD Products?

Available online:
Use Code: SHEENAD25 for a further discount when shopping online


  • My anxiety has decreased significantly
  • I haven’t had a single night of insomnia since using the Oil Science CBD Oil
  • Overall, research has shown that use of CBD oil has significant health benefits without typical pharmaceutical effects.


The Oil Science CBD Oil has contributed to my overall wellbeing significantly, I’m curious to track what the long-term effects of this product are and if my anxiety and insomnia will be able to stabilize over time.

I take my oil drops at night every night –  any anxiety is almost immediately reduced, I’m able to fall asleep soon after I go to bed (I usually take hours to fall asleep) and I wake up feeling reinvigorated.

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