Cosmetic Brand Review: Revlon Makeup

Pot Of Gold Blog kicks off January 2020 with a leading global beauty brand – Revlon as makeup brand of the month.
Founded in 1932, Revlon Inc. has remained an innovative leader in cosmetics.

My recent drugstore haul saw me splurge on the ever-popular Revlon Rose Glow Primer, the trendy Revlon Vinyl Lip Polish and I included the Revlon Photoready Candid Foundation to my purchase.

Here is an at a glance guide on Revlon and the above mentioned makeup products.

Revlon Makeup


Synonymous with their global approach to innovative makeup – Revlon has become the creator of beauty hero after beauty hero and consequently, remains at the forefront of drugstore holy grails at affordable prices.


Revlon Nail Enamel

Back in 1932, Revlon launched their brand with nail enamel, fast forward to 2020 – their Top Speed Nail Enamel is one of their best-selling products with an impressive 60 second drying speed which includes no chipping for 4 – 5 days – it’s an ultimate winner.

Revlon Lipstick

Highly pigmented and with a wide variation of colours, Revlon lipsticks are one of the top selling drugstore lipsticks with “Fire and Ice” being one of the popular variants.


Revlon incorporated prides itself as a cosmetic company that doesn’t test its products on animals; global exploration and trend research enables this brand to be a beauty pioneer amongst other makeup brands with cult products being a staple in every makeup kit.

Revlon is the ultimate makeup brand fit for you if:
√ you are skeptical to try newer brands as Revlon has been in the cosmetic industry and trusted for over sixty years
√ want supreme makeup products with affordable price tags
√ always be at the forefront of makeup trends

Where To Buy Revlon Makeup

Available to purchase at drugstores: Clicks and DisChem also available at: Foschini, Edgars and Truworths in South Africa:

My Recommendations

Revlon Makeup

 Revlon Rose Glow Hydrating Primer | Price: R250 – 00
Voted as one of the best primers for 2019 – far succeeding high end brands – this Revlon rose quartz primer sells out as quickly as shelves are restocked and can be quite difficult to find. I finally got my hands on one and I am obsessed with everything about this product, from its scent to look and feel on my skin.

 Revlon Photoready Candid Foundation | Price R150 – 00
I was recommended this foundation by a fellow beauty enthusiast – it’s a fuss free cream foundation with maximum coverage that feels so good for your skin. Revlon Candid ingredients boasts an anti – pollution formulation that’s oil free with no harsh ingredients.

 Revlon Vinyl Lip Polish | Price R180 – 00
I’m excited for 2020 makeup trends which consist of statement products shaking up the already lit beauty industry and Revlon, ever at the lead of these trends, introduced the Vinyl trend in the form of lippies with their Vinyl Lip Polish. I love the colours “Act Natural” and “Date Night” – these were also difficult to find as it was sold out– therefore, if you see it buy it! Your pout will love how “extra” this product is.


• Affordable
• Varied range of products
• Trusted and supreme products


Overall, Revlon has much to offer from holy grail products, trendy elements and marketing that’s true to its promises.

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