Wellness Brand Review: Vitalge Nutraceuticals


Vitalge Nutraceuticals is a South African wellness brand with an array of life extension products aimed at aging healthier and living longer, from supplements to facial serums.

Vitalge Nutraceuticals


Life Force is a nutritional supplement that is popular amongst Vitalge consumers as it’s said to reverse the signs of aging and helps you age healthier than you would with the aid of this supplement. 

Vitalge-Life-Force-Supplement-VITALGE NUTRACEUTICALS


Years of research into anti – aging has gone into the formulation of Vitagle products which targets and slows down the signs of aging where modern science meets ancient herbal medicine.

Pricing & Where To Buy Vitalge Nutraceuticals:

Vitalge Nutraceuticals Glow Rejuvenation Face Serum – 30ml – R365 – 00
Vitagle Nutraceuticals Life Force Longevity Supplement – 120 capsules – R550 – 00

You can purchase Vitalge Nutraceuticals online here:

My Recommendations:

  • Vitalge Nutraceuticals Glow Rejuvenation Face Serum


Although this serum is in an oil form, it is quickly absorbed by your skin and has a thin consistency which doesn’t leave a greasy feel.
Immediately, after the first use – your skin feels taken care of, hydrated and cool.
I loved this product so much – I used every drop of it. It proved to be more effective than some high-end serums I’ve tried and offered a long-term solution for my skin.
I have keratosis pilaris which results in congested skin and visible pores – using this serum significantly reduced any congestion and my pores looked less visible – more so than any face mask that targets this problem, furthermore I had no breakouts while using this serum.
I didn’t notice a change in my fine lines and elasticity though, however I was more than happy to continue using this serum for the feel and the results I was experiencing.
Toward the end of the product, I felt as if my skin wasn’t absorbing this serum, probably because it was oil based – I did use my mircroneedling device which helped with this problem, however I don’t feel you can continuously use this serum – I would suggest applying this during winter or using a full bottle once a year.


  • Affordable
  • Effective skincare


  • Not a complete range of skincare available.


Vitagle Nutraceuticals offers ways of slowing down aging that isn’t invasive to your body – no nips and tucks needed – just well – researched, quality formulations for your anti -aging needs.

Follow Vitagle Nutraceuticals South Africa:
Website: https://vitalge.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vitalgenutraceuticals
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vitalgenutraceuticals/

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