Golden Rose Liquid Glow Illuminator Tinted Prime & Highlight Review

Since I began using makeup primers about five years ago – I can never go a day without religiously applying this product, furthermore I even use primers on non-makeup days as a cheat to perfect looking skin.

The Golden Rose Liquid Glow Illuminator Tinted Prime & Highlight is that ultimate primer that I prefer to use for special occasions and nights out – here’s my review on this exceptional product from Golden Rose makeup products.

Golden Rose Liquid Glow Illuminator Tinted Prime & Highlight Review

Golden Rose Primer Uses:

  • Preps skin for makeup application
  • Transforms skin to illuminate and highlight key facial features
  • Conditions skin for up to 24 hours with moisturizing agents
  • Reveals a glossy (yet non – greasy) complexion
  • Provides coverage whilst giving your skin a glow


Packaged in a petite 30ml pearl white and black pump bottle for easy dispensing directly to your face or primer brush, this Golden Rose makeup primer is easy to travel with should you require extra glow not only for your face but body application.  

Key Ingredients:

The moisturizing agents in the Golden Rose tinted primer and highlighter keeps your skin hydrated whilst silica helps maintain your makeup to stay in place for a full day wear with a sheer glossy look that doesn’t move or shift your makeup but aids with illuminating a youthful gleam.

Golden Rose Liquid Glow Illuminator Tinted Prime And Highlight


Once the Golden Rose tinted primer is applied directly to your skin, you will notice a sheer texture with an amplified luminous glow – this is no subtle primer.
Makeup application glides on easily and sits perfectly on your skin with blurred pores and wrinkles for a flawless finish.
Once you apply foundation over the primer – much of the glow is dissolved with your makeup, for a “touch of glow” appearance which is perfect for daytime wear and if your skin requires a “pick me up”.
For and even louder gleam, I suggest that you mix this primer to your foundation – this formulation is perfect when you desire that high gloss, luminous finish.
In addition to flawless looking and feeling skin, my makeup-wear lasted for a full day and night without shifting, over and above, that I received many compliments on how healthy my skin looked.

How To Use:

  • As a primer all over your face, under your makeup
  • For that extra glow, mix with your foundation
  • As a highlighter apply on top of your foundation on your high points on your face
  • As a body illuminator

This Golden Rose tinted prime highlighter is not intended for use without makeup application as some primers are – as the glow in this particular formulation is quite intense – however you can lightly brush this primer on your body, which adds coverage and a healthy looking body glow.


Price 30ml retails for R220 – 00
Golden Rose makeup prices are affordable for quality and result driven products.

Where Can I Buy Golden Rose Cosmetics?

Golden Rose Makeup Online Shop:


  • Skin looks flawless with a healthy glow all day
  • Keeps makeup intact for all day wear
  • Hydrates skin


This is yet another product that the Golden Rose makeup brand completely pulls out all the stops on. It’s one that every lady needs when your skin is looking dull and tired for that instant revitalization without any miracle facial or expensive skin cream.

I specifically use this primer for special events and nights out – it’s also that perfect travel companion and when wearing swimwear and need glossy reflections with a hint of coverage – this primer is perfect to mix with your sunscreen or body lotion.

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