How Many Lipsticks Do You Really Need?

In a previous blog post I raised the question of how many eyeshadow palettes does one really need, and after writing that blog post, I had to admit, there was a limit of eyeshadow palettes you can definitely be content with that was not excessive.

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However, when it comes to lipsticks – is there a limit we makeup junkies can reach and be content with?

How Many Lipsticks 1

I did a clean out of my lipsticks during lockdown and my tally was initially 92 which I brought down to 53, but looking through it I felt as if I didn’t have every colour a girl could possibly need. But how is 53 still not enough? Especially since I can’t remember the last time, I finished a full lipstick!

Let me breakdown the lipstick algorithm ….


Lipstick Finishes

There are about six variants of lipstick finishes or formulations which are:

  • Gloss, lustre, high gloss, vinyl
  • Cream
  • Satin
  • Matte
  • Velvet
  • Shimmer, frosted, metallic and glitter

The idea is to select the formula you love wearing regularly, it’s difficult to select just one though.

Personally, I love matte and cream formulations. Gloss has made a comeback and is a must for any makeup collection and is now available in various shades: clear, pink, brown, cool toned blue, yellow / gold toppers etc. Add to that, seasonable makeup, for example during winter I prefer a satin finish over Matte as it’s moisturizing and mattes can be drying to use on the regular, additionally, every season we are introduced to a new type of formulation, such as the vinyl trend earlier in 2020. The shimmer category is also an inclusion to have in a few select colours to add instant glam to a look.

How Many Lipsticks 4

Lipstick Colours:

I would categorize lipstick colours as follows:

  • Nudes
  • Browns
  • Reds
  • Pinks
  • Corals
  • Pastels: lilac, grey etc.
  • Bright’s & colours: orange, green etc.
  • Vamp: black and dark shades

One category to consider that may help half the colours that suit your skin tone is determining your skin undertone: Warm or Cool.

The shades for warm undertones are: Corals and browns

The shades for cool undertones are: Pinks, browns and plum

Every lady obviously needs that perfect red lipstick and MAC Ruby Woo is the most iconic and loved blue undertone red lippie that apparently looks flattering on anyone, which stays on all day.

Ruby Woo

Some people, like myself can have both undertones, therefore the colour choices are endless.

So, is there some magical algorithm to have the perfect amount of lippies?

If anything, breaking this lipstick scenario down, has revealed the gaps I have in my lipstick makeup collection! However, this breakdown will also help me to avoid purchasing the same colour every time I buy makeup – which I’m sure we all guilty of.

Therefore, to conclude – I don’t honestly think a lady could have too many lipsticks! Of course, there are ladies who stick to one lipstick and never change their lipstick colour – but this blog post is for us makeup collectors, mavericks, junkies, enthusiasts – whatever it is you categorize yourself as – there are way too many choices and endless varieties to select from.

Here are some of my lipstick recommendations:

HUDA Beauty Mini Lipsticks:

If, like myself, you can never remember when was the last time you actually finished a full lipstick, then mini lipsticks are for you. Huda, Anastasia Beverly Hills and MAC are some of the cosmetic companies that offer mini collections or mini lipsticks so you can add a variety to your collection and not feel too guilty about it.

I especially love the Huda beauty liquid matte mini sets which are available in brown, nudes, red and pinks. They come in a variety of hues in that colour, are long lasting and isn’t drying to the lips – one of the best matte lipstick formulations I’ve tried.

NYX Lippies:

NYX adds that flair to makeup that we simply love. From suede formulations to velvet textures and even metallics – NYX probably has the largest variety of good quality lipsticks that are affordable to experiment with. Their colour range is also endless.

MAC lipsticks:

Lipsticks in my opinion have to MAC’s forte. MAC has a wide variety of shades and high-quality formulations to select from.

In conclusion, if you drawn toward a certain lipstick – buy it, but keep in mind what you do have in your collection to avoid duplicates. I find that having a variety of colours and simply changing up your lipstick often can be so invigorating which gives makeup that enjoyable element – which it should be.

Let me know how many lipsticks you own and which ones are your favourite in the comment section below.

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How Many Lipsticks


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