Lockdown Fashion Haul: Cotton On Loungewear

Gosh, how I miss my high heels and cocktail dresses, on the contrary I’m truely enjoying being in comfortable clothes all day. While I might not be all dressed up, being in lockdown has allowed me time to re-evaluate my closet and add some lockdown fashion inclusions to a rather fancy wardrobe, which in all honesty isn’t always practical.

Thankfully, Cotton On South Africa – Australia’s largest global retailer, which opened shop in South Africa back in 2011, began couriering selected items a few weeks into lockdown. Of course, I took full advantage of their reopening special in order to add a few loungewear items in order to help me feel comfortable, stylish and cute at home.

Cotton On Africa 2

More importantly, I wanted to differentiate between my daytime clothes and pyjamas, as wearing pyjamas all day was acceptable for the first week or two of lockdown, but a month into it – it began to be monotonous and it gave me that feeling of being unproductive all day – which I was.

Here are a few items I purchased on my recent Cotton On Haul:

Grey plush gown with hoodie and pocket detail

I love wearing a gown after I shower to do my hair and makeup in, including lounging around whilst I enjoy a cup of coffee. I usually have my coffee in corporate wear in a rush most mornings, or in my car on my way to work; however, since everyday life has slowed down due to quarantine, we have extra time in the mornings to indulge in that cup of coffee and why not do it in a super comfortable plush gown!

Cotton On Africa 5

Joggers and sleep tops

I opted for three joggers in different colors which are super comfortable and cute to wear around the house, it’s is a thick material which is helpful since it’s colder in Johannesburg as winter is approaching.

To match my joggers I purchased sleep tops – which I prefer to wear during the daytime with my joggers or leggings as sleep tops are loose fitting but still stylish and can be worn off the shoulder, tied up for a crop look or tucked into my pants for a trendy look.

Cotton On Perks:

If you choose to purchase goodies from the Cotton On website, don’t forget to apply for their cash back “Perks” –  for every R10 spent R1 is earned in rewards to spend on a next purchase.

Whilst dressing up isn’t an option during lockdown, getting somewhat dressed in the mornings, assists with setting the tone for a productive day ahead. Look through your closet for comfortable clothes you can wear around the house during the day and set aside your pyjamas for nighttime. Have fun with your daywear by adding accessories like earrings – you will be surprised at how uplifting something as simple as accessories can be, as it removes that monotony of being stuck in a rut. Apply makeup a few times in a week and enjoy this time in lockdown where you can focus on yourself and your home.

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